Ron Spitulski: Every student has a right to a fair hearing.

Toledo Public School hearing officer disrupts hearing of student because of a temper tantrum. Ron Spitulski throws a temper tantrum during hearing for student. Is this what we pay taxes for? An out of control hearing officer begs the question, "IS TPS still the best choice?"

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Judging from the recording, Ron Spitulski is obstructive, dictatorial and rude. The man behaves like a complete and total ass.

If you want a perfect example of just why TPS is failing, listen to Ron Spitulski in this hearing. This arrogant self-sanctimonious gas bag would last about two minutes in the real world, and about ten seconds in a North end bar.

This from someone who is not a purnhrt fan, and if you don't believe me just ask her.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I am in totally agreement with you,m while I don't agree with some of the practices of PRNHRT I must say the way Mr. Ron Spitulski behaved and conducted him self and the hearing, he is a total embarrassment to Toledo Public Schools. He lacks discipline, self control, respect, and professionalism. He doesn't have to like the representative from the AAPA but he should at LEAST treat them with dignity. He seemed very disinterested in the hearing. He made himself look like a complete ass.

He sets a great explain for the students! Instead of being a supervisor I am nominating him to become Director........He's a great role model.....sike!

Purnhrt and MJ you're both right.

TPS has been infected and it's time to cut the infection out. I was fortunate enough to go to a University that produces a lot of teachers. Now some would have you believe they leave the profession because they don't make enough or they are not valued. Not true. Many leave because there is an indoctrinated policy that limits advancement of those who excel for those who have gotten by. How much enthusiasm will one have for their employer or their quality of work when they see lesser individuals promoted, retained, and for more money than you would? Not many.

TPS is unique because it is like many of the students it has produced. Despite it's failings it has gotten by and has delusions of adequacy. I wish I could say failure is not an option but for TPS it is the accepted norm and those who've enabled the system will defend it's status quo ad nauseaum.

Toledo is the cone of ignorance to NW Ohio.


We can't get rid of these guys because their 'superiors' refuse to get rid of them. So there is a very entrenched culture of irresponsibility. They know there are no real consequences.

The Toledo voter only supports that, by packing the Board of Education with lackeys of the local Democratic Party Machine. It's total crony-ism from top to bottom, and the taxpayer has to fund it all.

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