When Obama was a candidate in 2008 he had to occasionally pretend that he had a clue (and cared) about national and international issues. Once he became President, he could drop all that boring stuff and do what he loves to do--schmooze.

This political ad pretty much sums up what we have with Obama. It almost makes you long for the days when it was the President's brother who embarrassed us (Billy Carter and Roger Clinton)--not the President himself.

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that Obama has disgraced the office...I do disagree with this particular ad. Its not any President's fault that the American people have taken the bait hook line and sinker about going to college. College is a what other aspect of life do normal people go into a lifetime of debt for something that results in little or no return financially? Our universities pump out record number of stupid people. We have minimized work ethic and propogated an attitude that we are owed a job because we went to college. The occupy protestors should be protesting the colleges that bilked them of hundreds of thousands of dollars and in return gave them a degree in Human Relations For Transgendered People Studies. If a person is dumb enough to spend so much money on useless degrees...they probably shouldn't have left their parents house in the first place.

Colleges are just political tools.

College. And I love the word "bilked", because that's just about the size of it.

Now, I want my doctors, surgeons and research scientists, etc. - to have some college or university training. But the real training is when they do hands on work, after landing an actual job. In other words, their real training is on the job. I guess I have a built-in bias on the topic, because my German ancestry grandfather on my mother's side was a civil engineer for the State of Michigan (bridge builder). After serving in WWI, he moved up the job ladder by work experience and competitive testing. His "formal" education had ended at 3rd grade. You could also become an attorney without college, if I'm not mistakenm early in the last century.

Today's liberal arts, history, bla bla bla degrees, aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

I think the ad focuses on college graduates as a counterpoint to the college campus tour Obama embarked on last week. While Obama was trying to trump-up a non-existent controversy about student loan interest rates, I think this ad focuses on the real issue--the job market is bad even for a population that used to be insulated from such issues.

Biden: Bin Laden is dead, General Motors is alive

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And yet another quality post from wolfman the troll that amounts to absolutely nothing. Did you answer JM's questions?


I dunno...Iraq was pretty bad. And there was the torture thingy. Oh...and the illegal wiretapping

Nixon also disgraced the office pretty badly.

Pink Slip

got over Bush, yall will get over President Obama.

BO and Michelle going on every tv show they can, trying to look like regular "folks" ,etc. It's desperaton. They are trying to overcome a lot of negatives. You put Obama's picture up beside McCain's picture and BO win's hands down. You put BO's photo up beside Romney's picture and Romney wins hands down. BO and Michelle [that would be the Michelle who wasn't called a lying a** bi*** as an introduction on television] - BO & Michelle GET this attractiveness disparity, so they are trying for the "young, cool, hip" thing. It won't work - I don't think. Because neither of them, in my opinion, are what young people think of as "cool" - and us elderly folk aren't taken in by sillyness. That's why the left went berserk trying to destroy Sarah Palin - because she WAS, and is, attractive.

I'm sorry, but if Bush Sr. (of whom I am no fan) could publicly be called a "wimp", being one of our few presidents who actually served in combat, well, BO is a very long way from being Mr. macho man.

Then there is his mostly hidden background -- bizarre in many respects. There's not much the average middle American can relate to there. Mother & father in a brief marriage that may not have been a legal marriage, because he had a wife in another country. Mother later marries an Indonesian at some point, and BO is raised in a Muslim country, then at 10 years old is sent to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. Then his mother returns to Hawaii several years later because she has terminal cancer. [She HAD insurance, by the way - her dispute was because she wanted to be on total disability - not because she didn't have insurance coverage.] Then Obama at some point comes to know the Ayers family, who reportedly "help" him in college. Whose son Bill Ayers and later wife Bernadette Dohrn are part of the violent "Weather" underground. And, although Sarah Palin tried to warn Americans about some of this - most of this info is just now reaching middle Americans.

He talks fairness, but practices oppression. What all the tv appearances are for - in my opinion - are to distract from what has become obvious to a majority of Americans - his lack of qualifications for the office to begin with.

You give a very good summary of Obama's background and life. Isn't it amazing that American voters lowered themselves to vote for a man who has such a pathetic story? Speaks volumes of the state of our Country.

Yeah now the slogan is FORWARD which means Forward into the road of socialism. Will see if any of those who voted for him woke up or not. Don't forget get Galt their are progressive Republicans that support Obama as well.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

It's all about attractiveness! And you really believe that a 65 year old man, who looks like a statue, even when viewed on live TV, "wins hands down" when compared in "attractiveness" to a younger, athletic Barack Obama! Enlightening.

How about Bill Clinton getting and Nancy Regan giving blowjobs in the whitehouse?

I once ate a live minnow...whole !

P.E.T.A.: won't pull their support of President Food Stamps....even if he ate a cat a la orange, at a communist owned Chinese restaurant at the Docks !

"America needs to take care of Americans first. This includes all American Citizens, not just the citizens who think they should have all the priveliges because their ancestors were born in Europe."

White Star - Lakota Chief, 1922

Even farther back, several of our founding fathers warned of the "tyranny of the majority". We are all Americans!

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