April is National STD Awareness Month

April has been deemed National STD Awareness Month by the Center for Disease Control in an effort to curb STD rates, bring attention to the problem and encourage people to get tested.

Apparently every year 19 million people contract an STD, or the more appropriate term sexually transmitted infection, that costs the U.S health care system around 17 billion dollars in upfront costs. In a study done by the CDC it was found that one in four girls between the ages of 14 and 19 had at least one STD and many weren't even aware of it.

Ohio isn't much different in terms of STI rates. The state is the 14th highest in HIV cases, the 18th for syphilis, 19th for chlamydia, and between 1999 and 2008 hepatitis B cases went up 25%. Source: CDC

Health organizations, the CDC and local health departments across the U.S. are stressing how important testing is. Like in the study above many of the infected girls didn't even know they were infected and that's a problem. There is no excuse not to get tested whether you have insurance or not because there are endless places to get tested for free or on a sliding scale. See here, here and at any local health department site.

Obviously testing is only a part of the solution. Education is extremely important. Schools and parents need to do a better job at preparing kids for adulthood and in my personal opinion the music industry, the movie industry and every other media outlet that pushes sex down 13 year olds throats need to take a little more responsibility as well.

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April is also Sexual Assault Awareness month. Why did you not mention this? You must not care.


I didn't know. I would have mentioned it. Of course I care.

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