This could get very ugly-Secret Service in Cartegena

Can't recall this ever happening under any other President, but I'm sure the liberals on here will post the stories, and explain how this doesn't have anything to do with Obama or how he runs the White House.

It is estimated that there are 35,000 children working as prostitutes in Colombia with between 5,000 and 10,000 of them on the streets of Bogotá.[2]

A series of factors put children at risk for sexual exploitation in Colombia and leave them unprotected. The war and the drug trade have altered family structures that in ordinary times would have provided safety and nurture. The war has also caused the displacement of countless families, some of whose children have been soldiers in the war. Displaced children are particularly vulnerable to being prostituted, even more so in the declining economy [3].

A spokesman for the UN's children's fund, UNICEF, Karel de Rooy, said many child prostitutes were as young as nine years old and that clients were often middle-aged foreigners. He also said that the children were often addicted to drugs [2].

Commercial sexual exploitation of children is found especially in urban centers and in areas where there are large numbers of men who are separated from families due to work. Children are involved in commercial sexual exploitation either on the streets or in private establishments such as bars, brothels, or massage parlors. [4].

The culture of violence in Colombia had created a feeling of fear and resignation among the population; the violence had led to child prostitution and child gangs which added to the worsening situation of violence.

Colombia also is a destination for foreign child sex tourists, particularly coastal cities such as Cartagena and Barranquilla

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We've all seen the story but did you know:

From the story..... "So far, 11 agents have been suspended with pay for the reported debauchery at the Hotel Caribe in the Caribbean resort town. The shenanigans came to light after one of the agents allegedly refused to pay his hooker as little as $47 for their romp - prompting a call to local cops."

All this because someone was trying to get out cheap. LOL


Are we only aware of this because one agent got cheap? For how long has the Secret Service been doing this type of thing "preparing" for a President's trip to another country?

What an embarrassment for a group that is considered to be above reproach!

The real problem with this isn't the embarassment. I just found it funny that because someone was cheap the whole thing unravelled. And yes that is the only reason we found out about this because had the local police not been called those involved most likely would have been tight lipped about it.

The problem with their behavior is they have made themselves vulnerable.

An example: A Colombian cartel employs one of the women, gets photos of the Secret Service agent. Blackmails him. Ok now for the Blackmail all they want is a copy of the President's rough draft schedule, or a report on who the most successful US Counterfeiters and where they reside(these fall under the Secret Services jurisdiction because they are the law enforcement wing of the Treasury Dept.). Just this one event puts the whole US at risk. No excuse for it.


I couldn't agree with you more!

It makes me feel really great that these slimy Secret Service agents have the ability--under the Obama-signed National Defense Authorization Act--to use their impeccable decision-making abilities to determine I am a terrorist threat and detain me indefinitely. don't suppose that's what they were doing to the prostitutes?!

This act was passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and could have been blocked via filibuster by Republicans in the Senate. With all of its flaws, it is a bipartisan act.

Knowing you, if Obama had vetoed it, you would call him unpatriotic!

Of course, this wouldn't be law today if Obama hadn't signed the bill! There weren't the votes to overturn his veto--and he knew that. Thus, Obama is responsible for this being the law. So what was incorrect about my original "Obama-signed" statement?

Dear lord--where's my duct tape because my head may explode!!

I am not denying Obama's role in establishing this law. However, he did not act alone. This was not an executive order. It was part of the normal legislative process.

By only using Obama's name, and not mentioning the role of Republicans in Congress, you made a partisan statement. "Of course this would not be law today if...", REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS HAD NOT VOTED FOR THE BILL!

This is very basic civics. Only Congress can pass a bill into law. The creation of this statute was BI-PARTISAN!!

Wasn't there stories that Kennedy's SS agents were out partying at a strip club the night before he was assassinated? Or was that just a kind of urban myth?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

That's an urban myth. If it actually happened, Kennedy would have been with them at the club.

Another sign o the times....America's demise, hastened by the most immoral and criminal "Presidency ", in all of American History .
Fast and Furious, seems to be only a tidbit in the journalistic world of far Left sycophants.

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