Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ That Up To 80 House Dems Are Members Of The Communist Party

"Rep. Allen West (R-FL) has done it again.

At a campaign town hall event on Tuesday, the Palm Beach Post reports, West declared that he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party. However, he would not name any specific people."

I can't determine which description of Allen West is most accurate: Clown or two-bit thug

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Mr. West set that number way too low. Anyway, here's the description of you, Pink Slip: homo leftist puke. Code pink = code stink, you liberal vermin rat, you. Col. West is an American hero. You are trash.

I'm so old that I remember him slightly from my early childhood. But the effects of his "find all of the hundreds of Communists in the government" hearings in 1954, officially called the Army-McCarthy Hearings, were felt for years afterward. McCarthy's pompous, self-righteousness was fueled by the findings of the House Unamerican Adtivities Comittee discovery of ONE spy in our entire federal government, Alger Hiss. While the Army-McCarthy hearings lasted less than two months, the HUAC's life as a standing committee of the U.S. House of Representatives went forward until 1975! BTW...without this watchdog committee "securing our freedom", what has happened to Communism worldwide since 1975?

Communism is practically a dead issue today. Outside of China, North Korea, Viet Nam, and Cuba, it's practically non-existent. And the way Communism is practiced, especially in China and Viet Nam, would be unrecognizable to Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin, or Mao! While modern China and Viet Nam allow much more economic freedom than Communism's founders would ever accept, Communism today is an excuse to have a government with no political freedoms.

Anyone who believes the unsubstantiated drivel that Rep. West spews forward, which he is passing off as truth, is either extremely gullible, or a rigid ideologue!

"Communism is practically a dead issue today."

Sadly, it's alive and well in our government unions, particularly the public schools. Anyplace where people are paid without regard to their productivity and merit, and that pay comes from a population that's forced to submit, is a Communist system.

"and that pay comes from a population that's forced to submit"

Funny. I thought we lived in a county where we can freely elect representatives to negotiate these contracts on our behalf? If we don't like those negotiators, we can VOTE THEM OUT, in favor of new negotiators. Isn't that what happened in Wisconsin, for instance?

Pink Slip

Sadly, the money required to run the election process restricts our choices in general to just two picks, and those picks are largely aligned with big government.

But it's not like I don't blame the voter. You'd think he'd get tired of the same false choice in each election.

He should have used the term socialists, not communists.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Some hero...forced to retire after violating military code. Military prosecutors called his acts "torture". Oh and he hangs out with violent biker gangs.

Pink Slip

The mayor of Toledo hangs around with the Chicoms, why wouldn't members of Congress have similar proclivities?

Let's name names. Off the top-of-my-head--there's...Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Danny Davis, Maxine Waters, Steny Hoyer, Niki Tsongas, John Conyers, John Dingell, Emanuel Cleaver, Charles Rangel, and Sheila Jackson Lee.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definitions of "Communism" are "A sysem in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed" and "A totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production." I believe that fits about every Democrat in Congress and the President--they're pushing for the government to control every aspect of our lives.

"According to Merriam-Webster, the definitions of "Communism" are "A sysem in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed"

Do you honestly believe this is the type of system we have, all rhetoric aside? I don't think you actually believe that, and if you do you need to educate yourself a little better. Truth is, we've had a free market system with socialistic aspects (note--not communist). Even the founding fathers made use of forms of socialism (public roads, public waterways, government-funded healthcare for seaman, etc...)

" "A totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production." I believe that fits about every Democrat in Congress and the President"

So are you saying we currently only have a single political party? Or that the Democrats are pushing for this by trying to win elections? I just want to make sure I understand your point before I swat you away like the intellectual gnat that you're proving yourself to be.

Pink Slip

Unions saved Democracy in America! According to Marx and Engles, the only way Communism can be established is through a revolution of the working class. There was quite a Communist movement in America during the Great Depression, because so many people were in such desperate shape. And in the 1930s and 1940s there was a real struggle between Communists and anti-Communists for control of the unions, Fortunately for the nation and the world, the anti-Communists won.

In addition, when FDR defeated Hoover in 1932, and his fellow Democrats were swept into Congress, they quickly proved to the vast majority of Americans that if a president and a Congress cared enough to break paradigms and try new programs, some would work well and help people. Hope killed Communism in America!

The current economic system we have only has some Socialist aspects, such as, Social Security and Medicare. Socialism is all about equal distribution of wealth in an economy. There is absolutely nothing Socialistic, and these are conservative estimates, about the top 1% of Americans controlling over 1/3 of the nation's wealth, and the top 5% controlling over 1/2 of the nation's wealth! As a matter of fact, America has been moving AWAY FROM Socialism as the concentration of wealth in the hands of a relative few has become greater over the past 20 years or so.

Communism, as envisioned by Marx and Engles, and as practiced by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, is virtually non-existent in the world today. BTW...back in the 1970s and 1980s, I predicted that the United States and the Soviet Union would never have either a World War II type of World War III, nor would we have a nuclear war. In addition, I predicted that the Soviet Union would fall apart internally, because their economic system was such a mess.

Since the 1790s, America has had at least two viable political parties. The last time I checked, Republicans controlled the U.S. House of Representatives, and, by virtue of the filibuster rule, have a hammerlock on any bill passing the Senate. In our system, Presidents do NOT make laws. Only Congress can!

Many of you are missing West's point. He's not saying that we have a Communist system of government--he's saying that we have Congressmen who are grounded in the Communist belief that the government should own all and be all to every citizen. The government should oversee your health care, your diet, your ability to own land (e.g. determine that you can't build on a "wetland"), the banking system, manufacturing, your light bulb useage, the type of medicine you can buy over-the-counter, your paper or plastic choice, the type of paint you can use, how you dispose of your grass clippings, etc. etc.

Politicians like Marcy Kaptur believe that the government is the answer to everything.

Oh--there's a revolution coming--but Marx wouldn't approve of this one!

Galt, you are truly confused. You are mistaking regulation and public safety for communism. The examples you provide are nothing more than correcting for market failures. Do you believe market failures exist? If not, you'd be in contrast to all economists.

Are these politicians deciding what shoes we can buy? How about TVs? Do they want to see government control of grocery stores? Flower shops? Of course not--you're simply being shrill. You need to learn the difference between correcting for market failures and communism.

Pink Slip

My brother-in-law grew up in Communist Poland. He tells the story of a young friend of his whose home was visited by a member of the Party one day. The mother sat at the table talking calmly with the Gestapo and then quietly stood-up, kissed her family, and left with the man--never to be seen again.

It seems that her neighbor had accused her of speaking against the Communist Party and she was punished. In the U.S.--we're there now.

Look at the terms that Pink Slip uses to describe Allen West on the Home Page, and replace West's name with "Barack Obama." Even though both men are black and members of the government, saying it about a black Democrat makes you a racist. I think many of us have been reticent to say what we think about Obama because we were fearful of this accusation--but be hesitant no longer--say what you think.

but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

You live in the freest nation in the history of the world. You can make any criticism of any government official you want. No one will arrest you as long as you do not make a direct threat against the life or well-being of another person.

Of course, we all are limited to the truth when we make public accusations. Anyone may sue others for libel and/or slander. Realistically, it is much more difficult for any famous person, government official or not, to win a lawsuit for libel and slander than it is for us common folks. This has to do with the, "any publicity is good publicity", argument regarding famous people.

Senator Joe McCarthy, was Godfather to both JFK's and RFK's , children.
He discovered and was proven 100% TRUE, by the USSR secretly recorded Verona Tapes, that over 180 American Government officials & politicians, were absolutely Communist .
Dexter White, amongst them !

Liberals truly believe anything that is printed ,that they have read , to be 100% legitimate ?!
Horrible citizens for jury duty ...

"It seems that her neighbor had accused her of speaking against the Communist Party and she was punished. In the U.S.--we're there now. "

No we're not there now in the United States. Where the heck are you getting your thinking from?

Communist henchmen in Nicaragua, so many times , she has monogrammed towels with the arm & sickle on them where she stays when she visits them ?
She told these Communists killers, that the Congress, sets Foreign Policy, when Ronald Reagan , was President ?!

The difference between a communist and a democrat, is in the spelling only.

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