Rather than keep the comment face off I think site owner Chris Myers should speak for himself

Rather than keep the comment face off going I think myself and the other commenters on here deserve to know what the reasoning was that Chris Myers edited my comments about Roland Hanson.

I believe this is not only deserved but needed not for me but for clarification for the other posters.

I am a firm believer that this is Chris' site and he has full control over what is said and can control that content. I am not advocating a change to that or that an "anything goes" policy be put onto here.

I still stand by my comments as Roland was not a regular poster on here, came in to troll, and did so by immediately attacking Fred. I came to defend Fred as a poster here. I would do so for any other poster here and have. We have had a significant problem of sock puppets on this site and I have highlighted them. Roland was unique because he didn't just come to comment but started an attacking thread from the getgo.

Roland has commented that he feels I have libeled/defamed him. To that I have and still do encouraged him to contact Julia Bates office and prosecute me.

I have not been contacted by the prosecutor or by the site owner to allow my personal information be given to the prosecutor.

So I think we all deserve from Chris to know the thought process why my comments were taken down while another poster can accuse myself of a crime without due process. Let's have this discussion in the open because I have the inkling that it is currently being discussed via email or pm by Roland and Chris. If Chris tells me it is not I will take him at his word because I have not found him to be anything less than honorable and I respect him, the site, and take him at his word.

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what comment you are referring to....I do edit swear words when I see them so if you used one of them you will see an edit.

Did you happen to see this one? I flagged it for you... but here's a link and a copy of the post.


FUCK YOU! It was a simple
Submitted by bucknut on Tue, 2012-03-13 12:38.

FUCK YOU! It was a simple question that I asked because I rarely go there and am not a member. I didn't realize it is a nuclear launch code secret.


I was kind of surprised you let it slide, but then I concluded that Bucknut is one of your special little friends.

Mad Jack
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Chris, here was the thread. http://swampbubbles.com/20110920/who-fred-lefebvre-anyway

Roland insists I libeled/defamed him and his proof is you edited my comments.

Yes, if I recall correctly the comments in question did contain profanity.

Point blank, my questions are. Did you edit my comments because they contained what you felt was defamation/libel toward another poster or because they contained profanity?


of bounds that means you said something that was really not appropriate, something pretty big. I don't record what is edited given it was a while ago but I use out of bounds only a few times. So you went over the line in your comments and there was no doubt in it.

The FAQ says:
What will cause the admin to edit a comment or post?
This site is not one that pulls down things on a whim. Most items will stay up, but sometimes things said in the items here can cause real problems. Profanity, accusations against minors, private personal attacks, copyright violations, and other outlandish behavior may be edited. Each case is different and will be decided on when it arises. Remember this is a site to promote civil discussion, none of those items have a part here.

If you don't want your comments edited, then keep to the topic. Don't ask me to defend it because if it happens, you deserved it given I don't do it very much.

Thank you for the response Chris.

"If you don't want your comments edited, then keep to the topic. Don't ask me to defend it because if it happens, you deserved it given I don't do it very much." Despite the editing in the instances discussed I like that you run your site this way. I just wanted the reasons why my comments were edited clarified.

Roland has repeated accused me of a crime and used your edits as an attempt to prove it. If they were taken down for defamation/libel concerns I believe you would have been contacted by his legal representation and you would have informed us.

In the future I will remain in the good spirit of discourse and attempt to refrain from profanity.


There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Don't be such a whiner.

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