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My candidate was Santorum. With him withdrawing, having had a lot of time to think about this, will probably [probably] vote for Romney, and many conservatives will reluctantly come to that conclusion between now and November. If I'm right, BO will be a one-termer, as he so richly deserves.

But for me personally, if Romney chooses somebody like Chris Christy as VP candidate, I won't be able to vote for him. I HOPE Romney is not so un-wise as to pick a moderate to liberal Republican VP candidate. Hard to tell at this point. I'm not happy when I see Paul Ryan, Jeb "one fodder unit" Bush and McCain all cozying up to him. He has liberal Repubs without their "help". What he needs is to show some sign that he needs conservatives to win the presidency. I see from the above link, also that Scott Brown won't have a "cake-walk" to hold on to his Senate seat. Well, he's a liberal Republican, and that alienates the conservatives that he needs to be re-elected. It will be interesting to watch that race, too

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Anybody but Obama has my vote. I don't have to think twice about that. A vote for a third-party person won't help that cause--so it's Romney for me!

Although I agree that Scott Brown has been a disappointment, the Democrat socialist running against him would be much worse.

The scary thing for the President right now is the undecideds. Most of the polls are showing high numbers of undecideds.

Dick Morris put this into perspective. At 7 months out getting "undecided" as an answer is like asking your wife "Who will you be married to next year?" If she answers "undecided" your marriage probably won't last.

However I still think this election will be close at least in the popular vote. The President's Job Approval is about 48-47% when averaged (depending upon the criteria of who does the averag). Now the incumbant always gets a 2 to 3% bump. That puts him at 50 or barely over it.

Now being there's no real 3rd party challenge Romney will inherit all the disapproves and a clear majority of undecideds (every challenger of an incumbant has gotten them to include Goldwater and Mondale). That means we're in for another tight one and the Electoral College breakdown will be the ultimate decider.


Like most progressives, I disapprove of how Obama has lead, but don’t think for a moment that means a vote for Romney…

Sometimes that is true Sensor.

George W. Bush had eerily similar approval ratings (avg 48%) http://users.pop.umn.edu/~ruggles/2004.htm It's widely believed that either the incumbent bump or the WoT were what got him over the 50% mark. Yet it's still telling that Undecideds broke to Kerry by a clear majority (65%). http://www.richardcharnin.com/ProjectingEV.htm

There is evidence in this current election that show both have a good chance at winning at this point in the race.


gas prices go above $4 a gallon nationally---not just certain regions---and stay there into the fall. That happens, Romney could win.

who Romney chooses as running mate, although that seldom, if ever, has direct influence on Nov. vote.

Tell that to McCain..

and still gotten dusted.

might as well plan now on spending all their time and money in about a dozen states---Pa., Ohio, Mich., Wisc, Minn., Fla., Virg., N.C., Colo., Oregon, Nev., New Mex.---because that's where the majority of undecideds in vital electorial states are.

I can't imagine anyone who didn't vote for 0bama in 08 voting for him in 12. It is easier to believe that there are at least some people who did vote for him in 08, NOT voting for him in 12.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

if Obama wins in Nov., it will obviously be closer from a percentage-vote total, although maybe not so much in the electorial college.
Romney's already had a small uptick in polls since Santorum bailed out. We'll see.

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