Did Barack Obama Campaign Threaten Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama’s Ineligibility?

'Most people in the US, especially Democrats, believe that the Obama Birther Movement was started by Republicans and or the Tea Party. They believe it is a smear campaign aimed to tarnish the image of their hero of change. But they may be shocked to learn that the Birther Movement was actually started by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary back in 2008".
"President Bill Clinton said that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right".

"Before that could happen, his close friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney was murdered in his office and then someone told Clinton that he was next if he said anything about Obama’s eligibility. Clinton was not intimidated until someone associated with the Obama campaign told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth. From that point on, the Clinton’s remained silent about Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof"..

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Possibly related, remember when Hillary's team kept saying that if Obama was the candidate there would be an "October surprise"? Here's a link to refresh your memory.


People are laughing at you

Pink Slip

Where's the link? Which right-wing cuckoo's nest 'news' organization 'broke' this 'story'?

Bat shit crazy...

I guess there actually are things that conservatives and liberals can agree on.

I'm with Sensor. This Alex Jones-type conspiracy crap is way, way out there.

The original constitution does NOT state that a president must be born in the United States. It does say that to be president one must be , "a natural born citizen".

What is a "natural born citizen"? During the Viet Nam War many American soldiers fathered children with Vietnamese women. Most of those soldiers denied parenthood, and the Amerasian children were left to lead a terrible life, since they were persecuted for being of mixed race. There were no good DNA tests in those days.

However, whenever an American would admit fatherhood, the child was allowed to go to the United States because it was determined that if at least one parent was an American citizen at the time of the child's birth, that child was a natural-born American and could come to the United States. It doesn't matter where a child is born if at least one of her/his parents is an American citizen, then the child is a natural-born American citizen.

Remember, the crazy birthers went so far as to question John McCain's citizenship in 2008, since he was born where his father was stationed overseas, even though both of McCain's parents were lifelong citizens of the United States.

Barack Obama's mother was born and raised in the heartland of America. Wherever she gave birth to whatever child, that child is considered a "natural-born citizen"!

I'll bet the Clintons received thousands of those from the same right-wing kooks who make up this x%#& about Obama!

What? I thought the Clintons had a body count a mile long. Why whould they be scared of Obama?

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