George Zimmerman is one tough guy


For having his head smashed into the sidewalk; Zimmerman does not have any visible injuries. He received no medical treatment. Wouldn't he at least need a band aid or something?
For those who are claiming he was attacked by the teenager, this video is rather damning.

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If that's what your case rests on...expect to lose, even with an all black jury !
Well, maybe not in that scenario...on all others though , bet your farm on it !

That's not entirely correct and if you were to read the police report, you would have seen that Zimmerman did in fact receive first aid from the Sanford Fire Department.

As for the video of Zimmerman, an analysis by The Daily Caller shows, "what may appear to be an injury to the back of his head." And while it seems the number of people/groups that feel the need to insert themselves into this incident grows by the day, I would be remiss if I didn't give some credit to The DC for at least using "may show head injury" in the article title.

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury

As opposed to the HuffPo writer who used in his title "video shows no blood, bruises". Which begs the question, does anyone know if Mr. Lee is a medical professional or forensics expert who has received extensive training in knowing exactly when bruising may start to occur on an individual? Or maybe Mr. Lee, in his capacity as a member of the Sanford Police Department or Sanford Fire Department, is making the assertion based upon his knowledge of the treatment Zimmerman received at the scene and/or the amount time that elapsed between receiving said treatment and arriving at the police station? Anyone?

So you applaud a conservative source for what you consider its being reasonable. But the footage does NOT show any injury. To what can you point that "may show a head injury?" I don't see one do you?
The Huffpo article however is factual - there is no blood, bruises.
So you give more credence to the conservative site even when it is clearly wrong - there is no evidence of an injury on the video. Your thinking is completely irrational.
Look, I don't know what happened between those two people. I'm just saying that the video shows no injury that I can see.
Do you see an injury?

Not applauding, just acknowledging their choice not to engage in absolutism when showing the enhanced still images of the video clip. In those pictures does it look like Zimmerman has an injury to the back of his head? Possibly. Could I be wrong? Of course, because I'm not standing in the Sanford Police Department looking at Zimmerman.

My problem with the HuffPo article stems from the use of no apparent bruises to help frame their argument. With blood, it's usually there or it isn't, but as most people probably have experienced at some point in their life, bruises aren't as simple. Catch the corner of a piece of furniture with your thigh and you may not see a bruise for at least a day. Does that mean you don't have an injury until the bruise shows up?

"Do you see an injury?"

What part of "received medical attention" did you not understand? Part of getting medical attention is being cleaned up.

Shame on America for letting major news services spin this against Zimmerman. A few seconds of logical thought is all that's required to put down this spin, but a few seconds of logical thought is beyond most Americans.

there should have been NO CONFRONTATION AT ALL!! Why did Zimmerman leave his car?

Did Martin do anything illegal? Was a drug deal "going down"? Was Martin using burglar tools to break and enter a home or business? Was Martin brandishing a weapon? No,no,no,and NO!!

Zimmerman was told specifically to NOT FOLLOW Martin. Not only did he follow Martin, Zimmerman got out of his car! WHY??

The problem is a vigilantism! Leave police work to those trained to do it!

I don't disagree with your comments; I'm just responding to a frequently cited point in yesterday's posts on this website in which individuals claimed that Martin's death was the result of self-defense.
It will be interesting to watch this particular aspect of the argument evolve (or unravel). Many here claimed that poor Z was attacked by the angry black teen. If he has no bruises, it calls this explanation into question. Further, if it is determined that he was not beaten, his head bashed into the sidewalk repeatedly, what then will be the direction Zimmerman's (and his defenders) argument takes?
Stay tuned folks . . .

It's obvious that we're on the same side here. It just gets to me that so many don't get the real issue is vigilantism.

Martin would be alive today, there would be no controversy about who assaulted whom or who was defending himself, and we wouldn't even know Martin or Zimmerman, if Zimmerman had simply stayed in his car.

exactly what ever a 911 operator tells him to do ?!

On THAT, you want this man disemboweled by the New Black Panthers !?
Why not his whole family too !?

Bent liberal tools, need their brains retooled for simple cognition.

And not one word from these very same liberal tools on the Mississippi State student murdered by three black men last Saturday,seen on three dorm video cameras entering, going to the dorm room, and leaving as fast as their Nike's could carry them !?

Liberal racists are a strange and peculiar lot !

Again, why don't the both of you just read the initial police report from officers who WERE there, which I'm assuming neither of you were. An officer comments in writing that Zimmerman had an injury to his head, and blood around the nasal area. the link is provided in the other Trayvon posting below.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Funny how "the initial report" that was completed at 3:07 a.m. on Feb. 27 lists Trayvon’s full name, city of birth, address and phone number, but Trayvon’s body was reportedly “tagged as a John Doe” and his father wasn’t informed of his death until after he filed a missing person report...

by trying to explain anything to a schlemiel or two that have their mind(s) made up, regarding an incident they are a thousand miles removed from. And might I add, a situation they would totally ignore if George spelled his name Jorge.

Funny how things like facts help shape my opinion…

Couple of things -
Why did these “initial reports” show up all of a sudden with Martin’s full name, city of birth, address and phone number, but he was list in morgue as John Doe at the time…

Per Zimmerman’s “account”, his nose was broken, his head bloody and with Martin on top of him, he fired his 9mm into his chest killing him. Yet, clearly the video taken a short time later shows no broken nose, no bloody head and not a drop of blood on from shooting the boy at point blank range from underneath him… curious.

That is so funny! You must be a ditto head. Rush said the same thing.

I did. What I'm saying is that Zimmerman's appearance on the video is not at all what I would expect to see based on what I read in the report. It is not consistent with his own account of the event. I realize what the cop said as well; it just doesn't appear that he is injured in any way.
Do you think he looks injured?

I'm amazed that Zimmerman shot Martin "who was on top of him" with a 9mm and didn't get a drop blood on himself...

He probably had special training. He is a block watch "captain." Kinda like Rich Iott is a Colonel.

So, he wasn't shot in the back? Hello, reasonable doubt.

One thing I haven't heard anything about is the trajectory of the bullet and the powder burns on Martin's clothing, both of which are significant here.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

He was trying to obtain an address??? Give me a break! This is HIS NEIGHBORHOOD, where he stated that he was a Block Watch Captain. And he couldn't give the police an address??? I've watched crime shows. I've seen police officers call in for backup, stating somehing like,"We're in pursuit of a suspicious person in the __00 block of [street name] heading [north,south, east, or west]." I'm quite sure that's what Zimmerman was instructed to do as part of his Block Watch training! Zimmerman would have suffered NO INJURIES AT ALL, IF HE HAD JUST STAYED IN HIS CAR!!! And Martin would be alive!!!

It appears to me that the only reason he left his car -- with gun in tow --was to be a vigilante-hero. A teenager died needlessly in Sanford.Too many here are blaming the dead victim.

The issue is vigilantism!!

The issue is in your head. Zimmerman handled this one correctly. If he hadn't, he'd be in jail right now. But he isn't, is he? Nope, he's walking around free.

Freedom - something you've never thought about, something I value.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Handled this one correctly? He stalked and kill a boy. His story makes no sense...

Don't pay any attention...

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

WOW!! What planet do you come from? It he had stayed in his car Zimmerman WOULD BE "walking around free" today. And the investigation isn't over. On top of losing his freedom to be out there just "walking around", he may yet be incarcerated.

When I originally commented about this killing, I pointed out that two relatively normal lives were ruined by Zimmerman -- Martin's AND his.

If Zimmerman's family members are to be believed, Zimmerman wept and sobbed for quite a while after killing Martin. Apparently, he understood the gravity of what he had done much more than the many who comment here. Are you happy that an unarmed teenager is dead? ZImmerman isn't. Many here seem to be enjoying Martin's death.

Not the same planet you come from, that's for sure. Zimmerman is not incarcerated - that's waling around free.

Yeah, too bad about Martin, but if he hadn't attacked Zimmerman and tried to crack his skull on the ground, Martin would still be alive. Or if Martin had dialed 9-1-1 instead of talking to his bitch, he'd still be with us. Too bad Martin made the wrong choices.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Obviously your definition of freedom is far different than is mine. If Zimmerman had followed rules and a specific directive, we wouldn't know him and we wouldn't know Martin. They would both be truly free.

Not only do you defend Zimmerman, in sharp contrast to Zimmerman who reportedly sobbed after the killing, you seem to be happy that Martin is dead.

If Zimmermans' first name was "Jorge", we wouldn't know about him, either.

This comment tells us a lot about your views.

Keep playing that horn. Zimmerman was free to leave his vehicle. He was free to challenge a person on the street. Liberals like you hate individual liberty since it includes choices that overturn your utopian view of diversity.

This case is not an issue of vigilantism. You're calling Block Watch a vigilante organization. That's a total laugh, much like most of your so-called philosophies.

The grand jury will make the first decision in a few weeks. You're not going to try this case in the media.


Now, I'm sure that you carry. And you've made it clear that you don't trust the police to protect you. So, if a 200+ pound man would follow you in a car, then would leave his car to follow you on foot, my guess is that you'd "shoot first and ask questions later"; especially, if you lived under the current Florida law. Am I right or wrong?

GZ...Still no remorse over the loss of Martin's life? Zimmerman cried!!

No, the person confused here is you. I'm sure I violate BW rules all the time, but even if I was an official member of BW, that's not illegal. How many times must we tell you this?

"you don't trust the police to protect you"

Again, you get this entirely wrong. It's mathematically impossible for police to protect me. I don't have an armed guard at my side 24/7. Being armed myself, is my armed guard. Can't you ever understand the difference through that ridiculous brain fog called "Liberalism"? Liberals never EVER admit that a person has the right to self defense, much less the right to use lethal force in such defense.

I would never shoot a person for merely following me. Are you high? High on your own Liberalism or something? Stop it with the ridiculous extremities you're promoting.

And I have been followed before. Funny story; I was walking out of Krogers one night, carrying a box with my purchased goods. I'm one of those off-the-beaten-path people, where I prefer to grab a box for my goods instead of the Krogers bags that still haunt my domicile in great numbers. While walking out, I just happened to catch the eye of a guy. We looked at each other. This caught my attention further, and I assumed that it seemed to catch his attention further too. And the more we glanced at each other, the more we glanced at each other. Then he yelled at me to halt.

It was store security. The Krogers bags tell them that the purchases were valid, but the box looked very suspicious. And you know what? I didn't shoot him; I didn't run from him; and I didn't give him any lip. He checked my receipt quickly and I was on my way. And that all happened calmly for one reason: I wasn't a 'son of Obama' and didn't give him a hard time. Unlike this Trayvon Martin character, I must note, from the police report.

"Still no remorse over the loss of Martin's life?"

Why would you believe otherwise? The loss of life is regretful, but necessary. All self defense can resort to lethal force. It's automatically and fully legal. Therefore when you force a man to defend himself, it should come as no surprise if you die as a result. Only Liberals believe otherwise, and as we've long noted, Liberals are pretty much mentally ill.

My friend had one once and there was a lot of bruising. He had double black eyes, totally black and blue.

A broken nose isn't going to turn black and blue in a matter of minutes.
I noticed in the video, one of the cops appears to look at something on the back of Zimmermans head.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

blacks and whites have joined together to denounce the murder of this black child by a neighborhood watch volunteer with a gun and a penchant for violence and lying. This tragedy is the 21st century Emmit Till. No justice, No Peace.........

Orlando Sentinal: It's not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say

This is not looking good for Cowboy George...

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Was it before, or after NBC doctored the 911 call?

At least one of us in interested in the whole truth here. My understanding is that the Orlando Sentinel was privy to a copy of the original tape, as was NBC.

NBC's unprofessional, provocative doctoring of the tape had to do with editing the tape to make Zimmerman appear to make an unprovoked racial statement, when he was merely answering a question using acceptable terminology.

The experts who analyzed the original tape concluded emphatically that the person yelling for help could NOT have been Zimmerman from voice analysis data. The experts could NOT say that the voice was definitely that of Trayvon Martin because they did not have a sample of Martin's voice with which to campare the voice on the tape. They did say that, in their professional opinion, the voice was almost certainly that of a teenaged male.

One serious problem in this case is that we are getting information piecemeal. If the police had done their job properly to begin with, if they had taken this killing seriously, we would have a more holistic view of all of the evidence.

2 points.
1. @Dale, you keep harping on about "he broke neighborhood watch rules" . So what? It's a gated community, and he is a homeowner there, he has every right to "patrol" his neighborhood even if he wasn't a neighborhood watch member.

2. Handbanana posted another new news bite. At this point, what do we believe from the main stream media? IIRC, a couple of weeks ago it was reported that a witness SAW Martin on top of Zimmerman beating the snot out of him. There has been so many contradictory stories it's ridiculous.
One thing I believe, the media has SO totally polluted the jury pool that a fair assesment, let alone a trial, is impossible. Do you really think grand jurors can block out everything they've heard on tv, radio, etc?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

1. If Zimmerman HAD followed Block Watch rules, of which he was reminded by a professional police dispatcher, Martin would be alive, and we wouldn't know either Martin or Zimmerman.

2. Do you have any remorse for Martin's death? Zimmerman cried.

1. Still doesn't matter. Zimmerman is a free citizen, and a homeowner in that neighborhood. He had every right to be there.
2. As much as I have for any person who dies prematurely.

Maybe someone should ask Al Sharpton if he has any remorse over his part in the Tawanna Brawley fiasco?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

At least you have some feelings!

Sharpton was successfully sued for slander, on that one.

If Oprah says fernandez is guilty then he is guilty. Next case.

What a surprise, now the lame stream media is using the same video that they used to claim Zimmerman WASN'T injured, to say that he WAS injured.
I think that after NBC got busted playing fast and loose with the facts, maybe they felt the heat a bit.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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