Spyware Blaster Protects From Threats

I have never really enjoyed researching and downloading anti-virus software to my computer. Frankly, I always wish that I was doing something else rather than trying to come up with ways to protect myself from threats that I’ve never really seen or never personally experienced. If you’ve never had your computer infected with some insidious threat, then you may not be particularly motivated to add another protective software tool to your regime. I’ve definitely been lucky in this respect, but I’ve also had friends get hit hard with infections that caused them a significant amount of agony. Rather than go through that type of thing, I figure that I should take some time to cross my “t’s” and dot my “I’s”. I regularly update my anti-virus software and stay abreast of the latest trends. It takes me minutes to make sure that my computer is protected, rather than taking me months to sort out the mess caused by viruses or spyware that has infested a person’s computer and their life.
Recently, I started looking into anti-spyware packages. Again, this is not my idea of a good time. I would rather be playing video games or even going for a walk, but, let’s face it PC owners, such tasks are necessary. I looked at a few different products before stumbling upon a software program known as Spyware Blaster. One of the selling points of Spyware Blaster for me was the fact that this software was developed to work in tandem with the anti-virus program that I already have on my computer. I’ve taken a lot of time to come up with the right anti-virus tool and I really wasn’t willing to switch just because the anti-spyware tool wouldn’t work with it. Unfortunately, some anti-virus tools don’t work when you install some anti-spyware tools. So, I had to look around until I found something that would integrate nicely into what I was already using for PC protection.
Spyware Blaster prevents infection with spyware. It doesn’t really do anything to spyware that’s already on your computer when you install it, so before I was able to install the program I went ahead and did a free scan, detection, and removal of any spyware that was latent on my computer. I used Spyware Doctor to do this. It was free and I was able to download it easily from PC Tools. After I got the go ahead from Spyware Doctor, I installed Spyware Blaster for . This software promises to prevent Active X software and other programs like it from installing on my computer. It blocks cookies that try to track and transmit personal data, and it keeps me from visiting web sites that seem suspect. So far, this product has worked well for me and it doesn’t seem to be interfering at all with my anti-virus protection program. Though I can’t say that I get my kicks off of seeking out protection tools for my PC, I definitely appreciate what I’ve got whenever my friends end up with a virus or spyware infection. If you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself from these online threats.

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