Scuffle In The Court: Famlies of the Victime & Suspect Try To Duke It Out


Kevin Jamalvenson James, 20, is currently being held in the Lucas County. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 30. 2012. Kevin James is charged with one count of murder and two counts of felonious assault.

Meanwhile, just as the court wraps up there proceedings, a scuffle breaks out between the victims and the suspect's families, but it shortly broken up my Lucas County Sheriffs Deputies.

Jasmine decides it is smart to try to push past Sheriff Deputies, then when they pin her down, she wants to get soft and teary eyed.....smh WELCOME TO TOLEDO

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In case no family member has said this yet, let me say that Kevin and Jasmine are both fine young people who were just getting their lives together. Jasmine is a wonderful mother who loves her 6 children (by 6--or maybe 7--different baby daddies!) and Kevin had just started college majoring in pharmacy--capitalizing on his experience with drugs.

all of these cretins belong too ?

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