Marx Madness 2012

Is your March Madness bracket busted? Do you really not care all that much for college basketball? If so (or if you really just like to poke at the left), allow me to present...

Marx Madness 2012 courtesy of FTR Radio

The quest to be named the Most Vile Progressive

Check out their bracket below the fold (you can click the link for a bigger version) and add in the comments who you think will be in the Final Four and Championship, along with who you think will be the MVP.

Much like the traditional March Madness bracket, the Marx Madness bracket was divided up into four regions. But unlike the geographic seeding of March Madness, liberals were seeded in their respective regions according to profession. The regions are as follows:

  • John Lennon Region - Music, Film, etc. (aka Hollywood)
  • Helen Thomas Region - Media
  • Kennedy Region - Politics & Government
  • Derrick Bell Region - Miscellaneous

My Picks
Final Four

  • Lennon Region - Jane Fonda (7) vs. Bell Region - George Soros (1)
  • Thomas Region - Al Sharpton (2) vs. Kennedy Region - Eric Holder (8)


  • George Soros (1) vs. Al Sharpton (2)

Most Vile Progressive

  • Al Sharpton (2)

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Also, Tom Hanks? WTF?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm not sure a spellchecker would have caught some of those, but I get your point.

As for Hanks, I was somewhat surprised to see him on the list, especially as an 11 seed. If I understand correctly though, his inclusion had more to do with recent events than anything. That being said, I probably would have substituted him for Susan Sarandon.

It's tough to choose because the John Lennon region has Oprah and Rosie--2 tons of fun! The Derrick Bell region has Toledo's own Gloria Steinem. Then the Helen Thomas region has Rachel Maddow--I just love him? her? But my choice is the Kennedy Region--how can you go wrong with a region that's named after someone who got away with murder!

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