Why Goldman Sachs is evil and how they perpetrate their evil deeds

Another article I will have to read several times, but am glad that that Taibbi is still on the trail of this corruption. The $4 per gallon gas bubble article (see previous postings below) was from 2010.

This article is current:


The question we have to ask is why is congress - both parties - letting them get away with this? Where is the prez on this, when he keeps claiming nothing can be done about oil prices, as if he doesn't know any of this information????????

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HI Farmgirl!
All politicians are crooks and are in politics for the connections and influence they can acquire to acquire wealth. Its as simple as that.
Most people who acquire wealth never get enough.
Wallstreet is nothing but a den of thieves.
Snookie is knocked up! Who is the father?

Because Goldman Sachs has money and power. They buy influence. They have had members pulling strings in our government for years. Remember, corporations are people too. If Obama, or any president , tried to put a stop to it they would cry: "Government interference in the free market!"

you can't take any negative actions against the job creators!!
(Haven't they done well creating jobs with lower taxes and government bailouts?)

Of course, you are right.

So high oil prices go something like this (the 10-second condensation):

Goldman Sachs gets restrictions on oil futures gambling repealed.
Restrictions are repealed.
Oil prices are destroying the American middle class, the poor get poorer & can't even afford to drive anymore
Goldman Sachs continues to destroy country whilst our politicians roll over and play dead.

P.S. List of Obama's top contributors:


and the middle class disappears. Innumerable wealthy contributors contribute to both Democrats and Republicans. Politicians can claim all they want that these contributions do not affect their actions, but money buys access. And access naturally means influence. Not too many politicians are "bought and paid for"; however, it's impossible to not be influenced by those you see as opposed to those you don't see. It's only human.

during Slick Willy's tenure in 1994,when Mexico's peso was devalued by 70%.
GS,ran by about 85% D's, held $50 BILLION of Mexican bonds that went SOUTH and had all the value of used toilet paper !

Treasury Secretary Rubin-D, for Clinton-D,at the time was a former GS executive and didn't want his Wall Street cronies -all D's ,to take billions of dollars in losses !

Again, it is never what you know as much as who, you know when friends in D.C., are about to take a monetary loss !
I just wonder why they are all liberal D's , who cost citizens tremendous amounts of wasted hard earned tax monies that they do !?

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