If you are "scrubbing" info from a website, isn't that a good indicator of shame?

I was amazed to see on Leno the other night - Maher blaspheming his way through the interview - Leno laughing - but the audience - not so much. Here's this aging desperate atheist without a clue as to right and wrong.

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Mahar isn't a democrat he's a libertarian and has no standing or pull in the democratic party unlike Rush with the republican party.

He may say he's libertarian, but his views strongly say otherwise.

Where maher has pull, is under his desk, on his "pud".

You make the atheists look good and Christian look bad with this kind of talk. How old are you anyway????

No one who went to bible "college" ever makes christians look good.

"Blasphemy" is freedom of speech. We already have an area of the USA setup for American Taliban like you: Utah. I cordially invite you to board up your house (after all, you can't sell it) and move to Utah where your philosophies are followed.

Isn't what Limbaugh says on his program "freedom of speech"???

Why, then, did all leftists demand he apologize to the "student"???

I thought an apology was called for by Rush -- but that's because I believe in absolutes - that there is such a thing as morally right and morally wrong..

But if you are excusing blasphemy and all the other filth that emanates from Maher's filthy mouth - by saying it's "freedom of speech" - then you ARE, in effect, saying that if lefties say things that are hurtful, offensive, godless and wrong - that's ok.

In your world, only conservatives are held to moral standards.

Like most of your post your reaching for some attention. Your speculating on Maher. What is known for sure is your parents are ashamed of you and most conservatives are shine boys and closet queers:)

Wow, $100 to see Bill Maher? Not too bad, I payed $75 a ticket to see him up in Ann Arbor last year.

What is really laughable is that bitch Gloria Allred wants to see Limbaugh prosecuted.
Part of her statement was, ""I'm concerned about the impact that he has had and that he wished to have had on women who choose to speak out and exercise their free speech."

What about HIS free speech? I guess to a liberal free speech only counts if they agree with it.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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