Romney wins Ohio, Super Tuesday.... on way to nomination

It is 10pm my time, 1am in Ohio and Romney has been declared the winner and the spread is more than the spread that requires an automatic recount.

With Ohio, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Idaho the Romney campaign will now pad his pledged delegate lead. Barring no candidates dropping out, I don't believe any will, this gives Romney enough momentum to push him to the nomination. (Alaska has not closed it's polls as of this time)

Earlier this week I showed a scenario where Romney could keep the momentum with 35% of the delegates. He won 58%. He has more delegates than all of his rivals combined. After this it's winner-take-all and winner-take-all hybrids.

Ron Paul's best finishes were a 2nd in ND, and a 2nd in VA (where there was only two candidates). His chances of the nomination, if there were any, are now behind the barn waiting for Ricky to put a bullet in their brain.

Santorum is still fighting but the loss in Ohio hurts badly. He did win Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. The only way he can win the nomination is for Newt to drop out, he's not.

Newt won Georgia and is moving through his southern strategy with Alabama and Mississippi next. Had he finished second in Ohio, Oklahoma, or Tennessee he might have gained momentum. No momentum here. If Santorum were smart he'd dump a lot of money into the aforementioned states to try to drain the rest of Gingrich's coffers and end the Newt campaign.

GOPers, regardless of what they think of Romney (he wasn't my first choice either), need to now align behind the candidate or at least encourage the Santorum and Gingrich campaigns/SuperPACs to end their negative campaigning. At this point it would be an exercise in futility.

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Of course Romney won. He'll get the party nomination. He's Wall Street's candidate on the right-hand side, as Obama is Wall Street's candidate on the left-hand side. That way, regardless of whom the vast majority of Americans vote for, the Bailout Economy (i.e. looting of the nation) will continue without interruption.

He's also the demoncrats choice, just like John McCain was. IMO, the Republican voters are going to get exactly what they deserve in November.

Four more years of Chairman Maobama.

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

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