Matt Taibbi on $4.00 per gallon gasoline

Briefly on who Taibbi is - right now he's a free lance or contributing writer to Rolling Stone (& other publications). I heard him on Bill Moyers (in 2010 I think).

So having remembered him very favorably - he explains things incredibly well, and thoroughly researches his topics -- I stumbled across and e-mailed myself this article (below), intending to read it at some later date. I just read it today.

It's "involved", but not complicated, if you read it all the way through. I KNEW KNEW KNEW that congress and various presidents were lying when they said nothing could be done about oil prices. Fairly recently it has been admitted (quietly & occasionally) that wall street speculators were gambling casino-style on oil futures, and that was driving up prices unnecessarily. But it is ALWAYS claimed that this can't be remedied.

Yeah - well, they are lying, and Taibbi explains how this lie is being perpetrated, and how Goldman Sachs is involved. GS got a depression-era ruling (that had been working well since then) changed --- so that this casino-style gambling by Wall Street is now robbing the American citizen driver blind, with apparently the silent consent of Congress.

Thank you Matt Taibbi - personally, I think he is a genius.

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Interesting you bring up Matt Taibbi about the same time as the whole Limbaugh/Fluke controversey.

Matt Taibbi posted that he wanted to teabag blogger/commentater Michelle Malkin and also said that Ann Coulter would "fuck a hippopotumus".

The liberal rage was enough to drown out the sound of the ticks screaming at such misogyny.


Come on, Mikey. Hardly anyone know who Matt Taibbi is. I would estimate that 95% of American's know who Rush Limbaugh is--he's everywhere. You can't just turn on a radio and listen to Taibbi. It's a poor comparison.

Besides, Coulter probably would [admin edit] a hippopotamus.

Pink Slip

Rush will say anything to appeal to the Dittoheads. He is a money-grubbing hypocrite. The problem is that too many people believe his rants are sincere. Rush inflames the Dittoheads to be even more intolerant than they might otherwise be. He is extremely dangerous.

Ann Coulter is a SHEMALE. You didn't know that? Look at her adams apple. That is why Farmergirl worships her so much:)

I have never, that I can recall, posted anything favorable about Ann Coulter. I don't read her stuff. I have heard some of her commentary on tv, but that's about it. But to say about somebody that you don't know (me) that I "love" this or that person, who you also don't know - how kindergarten is that? Grow up.

OK so from this thread I can deduce that it's not what Rush said that's the problem, it's that he has a large audience. But with that context conservatives are right to question Bill Maher and Ed Schultz's actions. To Maher's credit he came to the defense of Rush Limbaugh.

The problem I have with the uproar on this is right now across the country, and Fred and anyone else who's been involved with radio can back me up, our favorite radio stations who had nothing to do with this controversey are having meetings.

Lawyers are advising Program Directors, commenters and DJ's that they can't say slut, floosy or anything similar. And thus all the jokes they would do on say a Snooki suddenly are out of bounds. It makes for WORSE radio nationally because limits on speech never work out favorable.

It's no different than LA"s Jon and Ken being suspended for saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING offensive about Whitney Houston. Hell that wasn't even insensitive, they were reporting her erradic behavior but the Speech Police stepped in.

If liberals really did support the First Amendment they'd come out as Bill Maher did.

Also this thread has shown you how mysogenistic the liberal base really is. What has been posted in this thread alone was far worse than what Rush Limbaugh said on his show in jest.


To the leftists, free speech only counts if they agree with it.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Well I don't want any liberal in here to have their speech infringed upon. But the uproar on RL is disingenuous and I am not a RL fan nor a Coulter fan.

Especially on radio I want there to be as many viewpoints and as free of speech as possible. I want to see the FCC totally dismantled as it is a wasteful agency which serves no effective purpose.


Rush, as everyone, has freedom of speech. He is NOT being censored by a government agency over his statements. It is government censorship of political speech from which our founding fathers wanted us to be protected. Once you say things, others may hold you accountable for what you say, however! Surely, you are not stating that these private companies are not free to take actions which they deem are in their best interests? Aren't the unfettered actions of businesses basic to modern conservative belief?

The most outrageous thing Rush said was since he, as a taxpayer, is funding Ms. Fluke's sexual activity, she should make public videos of her sexual encounters for him to watch. I see no post on this thread that even comes close to being this heinous!

Rush is a very bright man, but he only cares about making money. Rush manipulates his audience to keep them listening. We can rant and rave all we want, but Rush's audience is not going away, and Rush will still make millions, which is all he cares about!

But yet you do not acknowledge that he also at the end of his rant said it was in jest and he didn't really mean it. Yes it was said for rating and yes it was said for money but he made it clear that's not what he really thinks.

Additionally, will you acknowledge that the reaction to Rush's comments are causing an adverse affect on ALL radio stations and radio DJ's and causes a mass effect on the limiting of speech on thre radio?


I do not know the inner workings of radio stations and how they function. I do know that these are private companies which have every right to make business decisions in a free market economy. I also know that the public humiliation of women is a long-standing practice used to stifle women from speaking out.

Rush's making a joke of his comments is just like an attorney making a ridiculous charge in a courtroom than immediately withdrawing it, knowing that the opposing attorney would object, and that the objection would be sustained by the judge. Once you make these types of comments, you can't "unring the bell" by attempts to mitigate. I strongly believe that the only reason Rush made that "just joking" comment was some people in his radio family said that he had to somehow move away from the gross nature of the statements. I did watch the TV show Frazier. I do know that on the radio, the on-air talent gets information from producers and others via an earpiece.

Not when you look at it in the context of the other examples I gave.

Jon and Ken said that Whitney Houston acted like a "crack ho", which she did, and they got suspended. They got suspended because of people having the reaction they did on Rush Limbaugh.

Had Media Matters and NBC not ran with the story on Rush it would have just been one more thing that he said to get listeners that no one really does care about. Yet the fake outrage they've shown has not only had consequences but consequences to the whole industry and made the industry worse because now they can't even say things in between the lines.

In fact, what Chris Brown has done is WAAAY more offensive but we give him a Grammy and there was no major uproar other than a few people twittering. Yet we have liberal groups doing mass protests over something said on a radio show that is meant to be provocative.

Today you can't do a Chris Brown Hit's Day on the radio and play all Rhiannan songs because of the RL case. It's funny and it shouldn't be that offensive, yet it won't be done because of the repercussions from the RL uproar.

Yet if you dedicate a day to actually playing Chris Brown songs that is totally allowed.

That's a huge hypocracy and a huge difference in standards.


These actions are by individuals and private companies in a free market system!

Personally, I cannot say what I really feel about Chris Brown, because the site administrator would be forced to remove it! Personally, I would hope that no one would ever see another of his performances nor enrich him in any way. I have a daughter and a granddaughter, not to mention a son and two grandsons. If anyone treated any of them the way he treated Rihanna, I would be in prison for some form of manslaughter or murder, unless I would benefit from "jury nullification"!

If they can say deranged things about very beautiful women like Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin, as they have.
One wonders what they think of liberal women who are as beastly as any creatures on the planet.
Elena Kagen, Kaptur, Rosa DeLorio, Sonia Sotomayor,Janet Napolitano, Rosie O'Donnell, Jeane Garolfala, etc.,are all remarkably & thoroughly UGLY !

And, since liberal men actually marry these beasts.

It must continue the bending of the liberal men's brains into pretzel shaped organs incapable of logic & the reality most others live in.

The long term effect is what is regurgitated here on a daily basis.
Obsequious liberal men, secretly having concupiscence for something they'll never attain.

Decades of this produces lunacy ...look above for verification.

Carrie Cunt, if you think that horse face, sunken eye shemale Ann the man Coulter is beautiful you must be a real looker yourself. :)

pig faced-pedophile Barney Fwank, ( A.K.A. Miss Lisp) , is a handsome thoroughbred twink , dirty button admiring homosexual...I would state that you must be as equally , if not woefully as hideous.
Trix, are for kids....

... entirely off topic comments. The board troll does what trolls with assignments do when they want to distract from the posted subject. They change the subject, usually with utter nonsense.. Which usually never works, and won't in this case either. The lurker/readers WILL click into Taibbi's article whether trollie-wollie likes it or not.

See by posting something that will educate many on the truth about gas prices - and which correctly identifies Wall Street and a compliant agency and, silent congress (via Taibbi's article) as the problem... well, I'm stepping on some big toes. Trollie-wollie follows me around on this board trying to stomp down anything that smells like the truth. He's working from a 10-year-old Troll Handbook, and should get a new one, because what he is doing is not working.

So, note to DalePertchek - your sentiments are sincere, I know - but you are arguing with a troll. My advice would be to not give him the satisfaction in future.

Actually I got what your post was for. I agree with it. However I linked it to another issue in another thread. My post was to show the hypocricy in the other thread not to detract from the point of your initial post.

I don't know of anyone on here who will debate you on the initial post as both ideological sides have both blame in that argument and can see benefits to the action it proposes.

Shockingly it was one of the most intelligent posts you've posted ever and was devoid of brash reactionism which is why it is both logical and moderate.


The topic is your feeble atempt to troll this board posting dumb shit to try to get some attention. I guess it worked. Feel better about yourself now?

When some people are losing the intellectual argument, they turn to the infantile practice of name-calling and obfuscation of the original issue.

You do realize she is a birther. Good luck with that intellectual argument.


That brings up a fascinating issue. The original Constitution says nothing about where a candidate for president must be born. It's a moot issue. The Constitution reads: "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President..."
What is a "natural born Citizen"? When my generation was in Viet Nam, some of the Americans fathered children with Vietnamese women. These children were ostracized from Vietnamese society. Even though their physical features made it obvious that they were not pure Asian, they could only claim U.S. citizenship if they could prove that at least one of theiir parents was an American. Some GIs stepped up and acknowledged their fatherhood. When this was true, the child was allowed to come to America as an American citizen.
Why is this relevant? It doesn't matter where Barack Obama was born! His mother was born and raised in America's heartland. As long as at least one parent was an American citizen at the time of his birth, Barack Obama is a natural born American.
Some idiots even tried to say that John McCain couldn't run for President because he was born where his father was stationed with our military overseas.

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