Well, hope everyone got to the polls (unless you already voted absentee).

Interesting that even though Santorum and Romney are virtually tied, and this poll is dated yesterday, the only thing the mainstream media could come up with yesterday was that - according to them - Romney was just slightly ahead of Santorum. Whereas Rasmussen finds it the other way around, with Santorum just slightly ahead.

Man-o-man, the MSM and (I believe) the White House are desperate for Romney to win in Ohio. We will know by tonight. Pundit Donna Brazille said it out loud a few debates ago... the Dems want Romney, because - in her words - he is the Republicans' "weakest candidate". She was right then, and still is.

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My prediction: he'll lose Ohio today, blowing a lead, like he blew a lead in Michigan two weeks ago. Nationally, Romney is gaining strength as well vs. Santorum. Versus Obama he's 4-6 points behind.

If so, however, it's because the conservative vote has been split several ways - with Romney the establishment/loser candidate benefitting from the split conservative vote.

If Romney prevails - prepare to have the arguably worst president the country has ever had re-elected. We will have another Bob Dole-John McCain RINO liberal running against the Democrat liberal - two liberals where there is not a dime's worth of difference.

It has been put forth that the establishment Repubs actually hope Romney, if nominated, loses. They care only about their jobs in the House and Senate. And they do NOT want Santorum, because he will stand behind conservative causes, and will dismantle a lot of the damage BO has done.

I also fear that many Republicans in this area stayed home today, because the news media has not been really truthful about delegates. Santorum IS on the ballot here, but for "at large" delegates. Only about half of the truth was told about this on most of our local stations.

If Romney wins, I'm done watching any primary coverage, and won't vote for either Romney or any 3rd party candidate in November. Enough with the RINOS.

"If Romney wins, I'm done watching any primary coverage, and won't vote for either Romney or any 3rd party candidate in November. Enough with the RINOS."

Do you promise to stop commenting on it as well? I could use some really good news today.


You can take several actions against that individual who is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read my comments:

Spray him with pepper spray
Punch him in the face
Kick him where it hurts
Scream real loud so that you wife can come in and rescue you

hahahahahaha, etc.

How do you know it's not my wife holding the gun!!!!

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and stays there long enough Obama's vulnerable no matter who the GOP nom will be...(hint, listen to Mikey, it will be Romney)

That could be a factor and it could hold enough of the headlines. I know it did in the 2006 election.

Yahoo had an interesting metric today. They had two Yale professors put together an equation based upon historical examples. Essentially if the GDP is 3.2% growth the President wins reelection. If it's 3% it's a toss up. If it's less than 2.8% then he will probably lose.

It was interesting to say the least. But then again why listen to me. According to Roland I am a name-calling nazi who has a KKK mindset. LOL


I've been singing that song for a year now - about the $4.00 per gallon.

And both BO (of course) and NETANYAHU know it. I was a little slow on the uptake on that one. Kept thinking - "Oh Bibi, be quiet". But it dawned on me last nite while watching the National Lies on 4 different channels. Netanyahu sees this little window of time prior to the November election to accomplish what looks like his main goal - get BO defeated in November.

So Benjamin saber rattles from now until November, with a fierce look on his face - this keeps the price of gasoline up to close to or over $4.00. There is almost universal agreement that Bibi does not have the support in Israel to b.mb I ran. But he probably doesn't care and isn't planning to anyway. Bibi is very clever - he knows the anger level is rising amongst U.S. citizen drivers. It's so simple, you could explain it to an 8th grader.

I'm sorry I still can't read anything you wrote past you won't vote for the GOP candidate because he's a RINO. Did the kettle answer you call or did you leave a message when you called him black?


Yes be done with it. This will give you more time to devote to your main hobby, trying on woman's underware in front of the mirror!


"And they do NOT want Santorum, because he will stand behind conservative causes" REALLY? Have you ever checked out little Ricky's voting record? He's nothing but a big government social engineering Republicrat. There is absolutely NOTHING conservative about mr. "Religious right" Rick Santorum. In fact, I would ask you to please name ONE "conservative cause" this moron has EVER stood behind. I won't hold my breath.

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

Even if Santorum wins it won't be a decisive victory and he won't win enough delegates to surpass Romney. Romney will have at least three decisive wins, Vermont, Virginia, and Massachusets. Now because these delegates are proportional and he will finish second in Tennessee and Georgia he will walk away with probably close to 200 delegates.

The 350 delegates plus the winner-take-all format from here on out means Romney will take the nomination. Also supporting this is Nationally Romney's GOP support is again reaching the magical 40% level which is what one needs in a 3 or more person race.

I have long been in favor of a robust and heated debate and nomination process. After today all Republicans should call on Santorum, Gingrich and Paul to cease their attack ads as they will have no chance for the nomination, even if they were to sweep from here on out. (They would need +60% points to take the nom and that WON'T happen)


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