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The "resurgence" of GM and Chrysler is malarkey. Basically, they were given taxpayer dollars to delay the inevitable. Obama needed to have the UAW in his back pocket to help with his re-election. Next time you drive around Toledo--a city with major car factories--take a look at how many non-UAW cars you see. People can't afford to buy cars that are priced to cover wages/benefits not congruent with the lack of skills required to do the work.

Sure there's a resurgence. Put six billion dollars anywhere and you'll see something happen. You can even lie about it and call it a resurgence.

I'm badly bent and I don't see things getting any better during my lifetime.

Mad Jack
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The last time I was in Toledo the only thing I saw "re-surging" was blight and crime. What a poster child!


"It turned out GM used bailout funds from an escrow account to pay off $4.7 billion in government loans, a move that several congressional Republicans called deceptive.

“One year ago, the U.S. Treasury Department aided General Motors in its fraudulent claim that it fully repaid its government loans,” said Sam Kazman, CEI general counsel. “Now the Treasury Department is re-enacting this smoke-and-mirrors routine on behalf of Chrysler. Whatever the bailouts may be credited with creating, honesty isn’t one of them.”"

"The Obama administration released a report Wednesday showing that taxpayers probably will lose $14 billion of the $80 billion that the government loaned to General Motors, Chrysler, auto lenders and suppliers."

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

suffer a 70% loss of pension monies and health / life insurance.
This was a bargain done secretly by union bosses and Timothy Geitner.
These mostly N.E. Ohio & Michigan, Delphi employees have banded together to litigate this collaborated theft.
This scheming of Barry Sotero & the unions, to screw these Delphi employees wreaks of the most criminal behavior imaginable by a sitting U.S. President.

All for the Sacred Cows, that are unions ?!

Recall, G.M., bondholders that were demonized personally by Barry Sotero, for taking a huge investment loss ?!

Behavior like this arrogant clown is only seen in Third World Toilets, like when Hugo Chavez, nationalizes companies ?!

And not one liberal sees it at all ?

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