2nd Amendment rights reinforced by SCOTUS

In two decisions the SCOTUS has strengthened the 2nd Amendment.

http://www.courts.state.co.us/Courts/Supreme_Court/opinions/2010/10SC344... This one ruled that the University of Coloraldo was not covered under the Concealled Carry Act and thus college students can carry away.

Also Maryland's concealled carry law which requires "a good reason" to concealled carry was struck down by a Federal judge. http://washingtonexaminer.com/local/maryland/2012/03/maryland-handgun-pe...

The Maryland judgement, if upheld on appeal assuming it's heard, has far reaching repercussions. For instance California allows for concealled carry but the wording is almost identical to Maryland, additionally, in California you are authorized only in your county and your concealled carry does not carry over from county to county. California will probably now have to seriously look at it's concealled carry and bring it into compliance with the Federal judgements.

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I'm still waiting for Obama to take away our guns, cuz I heard it somewhere

Pink Slip

Keep waiting, Pink Slip, because given any opportunity at all, it'll happen.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

If Republicans can't win on the issues that count, they lie about the intent of the Democratic candidate. Republican lies in 2008 are proved to be lies by Obama's actions. Remember the 2008 Republican lie about how weak Obama would be with the Muslim world? Osama...DEAD! Khaddifi...DEAD! Bush #43 had 8 years to get it done...NOTHING! Obama got it done within 3 years!! Republicans...all talk. Obama...ACTION!

How's that focus on Afghanistan working out for ya?

Oh and those diplomatic relations with Iran?

I won't even bring up Egypt and the apology speech.


So-called conservatives just can't stand it when a Democrat shows more guts than their blowhards. Osama...DEAD! Khaddafi...DEAD! Less talk; more action!!



Thanks for taking us off topic for your rant. Good luck in November.


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