Marcy Kaptur Late on Her Ohio Real Estate Taxes--9 Times!

It seems it's been tough for Marcy Kaptur to keep up with her taxes on her cute little house in Toledo that she's lived in her "entire life"--thank god, she's been able to pay the taxes on her half-a-million condo in Washington! How can we expect Kaptur to follow the same rules as us little people!

Here's a link to the video:

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The unions are so happy to get on their knees for Kaptur. And when she's reelected, her Victory party will be at Outskirts Pub on Lewis Avenue, "Toledo's only girlll bar."

All she has to do is go to a "certain" union hall in Toledo, and get a $35,000. check for back pay, and get caught up.

They should form a song and dance group. "Marcy, and the Four Howards" sounds kind of catchy.

Jimmy Carter never met a tax he didn't like, and they never met a tax they did like.

Your main point is dead wrong. A scofflaw avoids responsibility for adhering to the law, or uses influence to ignore or get around the law. Marcy paid the taxes she owed plus penalty and interest, just like anyone else who filed late. Unlike some who post here, I am unqualified by the highest standards to cast a stone at someone else's relatively minor sin of late payment. Cast away at your own peril!

Tim Geithner--is that you?!

So who wins? Marcy or Dennis.

I'm pulling for Dennis.


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