Taxpayers fund abortions, transgender treatments for illegal aliens under new Obama admin rules

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Cher is in the "one percent", let her pick up the check. We've had our pockets picked long enough.

I'm glad you found something in Obamacare you can use.

At a large pediatric clinic in a southern state it works like this.

Illegals come and have anchor babies. This particular state is a magnet for illegals. The babies/children, are U.S. citizens by virtue of being born here. So they are eligible for Medicaid. Many of the fathers work construction in this state and get paid under the table. Many of them get paid a LOT OF MONEY under the table & are not hurting financially. So they do not in any way contribute to the Social Security fund. [We are frequently told by the media that illegals are poor and destitute.] Their wives are told in many cases to claim that they are not married. These illegal moms then get free tax-payer paid Medicaid benefits for the children. Which their husbands' under-the-table (un-taxed) construction pay could easily pay for.

They have a sense of arrogant entitlement that natural-born U.S. citizens do not. They harrass the pediatric clinic support staff, including nurses, if they do not get instant attention to their wishes.

U.S. citizens who DO pay taxes, and into Medicare/Social Security - do not have access to this generous medical care. We frequently do without medical care for ourselves and/or our children. Then WE (legal citizens) get people like Congressman Ryan telling us with breathless desperation that we are not "entitled" to our own money, because we are broke, bla bla bla.. It boggles the mind. This so-called crisis surrounding "entitlements" is actually because of American citizens WHO ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN TAX MONEY... are being forced, as taxpayers, to fund a huge underground economy that illegals have created for their own benefit. Not to mention the billions upon billions of our taxpayers that are sent to dictators around the world year after year.

I know about this southern-state clinic (the largest in that state) because a relative works there and related the above, and other mind-blowing stories. And you have to think about this - if all this crookedness is going on - why doesn't the clinic report it or have it investigated - because this is really criminal use of the medicaid system. Well, if close to half of your business (in any business) is due to government payments on behalf of illegals - are you going to kill the goose who lays the golden egg????

Following is my favorite story of several which were related to me recently. One of the illegal moms (with anchor child) is in the clinic to arrange for an appointment, but has left her Medicaid card home. They can't make appointments without the card, so the illegal mom whips out her I-pad to which she has scanned a copy of her Medicaid card. Now the relative-employee looks at me and says - "Can either of us afford an I-pad?"

Have been watching episodes of "Car 54 where are you" on MeTV lately. I like that title, so will use it to ask a rhetorical queston: Congressional representatives where are you? Congressman Ryan where are you? Because I seriously doubt that they do not already know this information - whilst brow beating us and laying guilt trips on American taxpayers about how were are not "entitled" to our own tax dollars.

Who cares about abortion funding? I still can't get my brain around how health insurers cover childbirth. Childbirth is neither an injury or an illness. Childbirth is purely elective. Why do they cover it, meaning more precisely why do they force the rest of us to pay for women like this? It's a particular absurd form of welfare and it keeps encouraging women to have children that they cannot financially support, since they didn't have the couple of thousand dollars for the birth in the first place.

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