Why is Ron Paul helping Romney?

I have been saying this (see linked article) ever since Ron Paul went after Newt for "draft dodging" during an early debate. It made no sense to me, because, being the same age as Romney, and having grown up in Michigan at the same time as Romney... by the accepted definition of draft dodger at the time, Romney fit the definition.


Paul is not too stupid to know that Romney dodged the draft, and yet declined then and declines now to lay a glove on Romney.

After last night's debate, I said to myself, "There's been a back room deal between Dr. Paul and Mitt Romney."

Ron Paul has lost all credibility with me, but at least is showing his true colors, and proving what many have been trying to tell me for years. He's kind of a phony baloney.

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Maybe to become SOT if Romney wins

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I heard his son said the other day: "I'd be honored to be picked for the V.P. slot".

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