Michigan Dad burns New Jersey Flag


Christie and this lowering of the NJ state flag has more than just a few citizens disgusted, nationwide:


I haven't been able to "get" what all the hoopla about this particular politician has been about anyway. Anything the mainstream media "champions" activates my radar anyway. A woman shouts from the back of a crowd that Christie just has to "save" us from all the other then-Republican-candidates for president. Even THAT I never understood. All of those candidates, including Herman Cain, were better than Christie in my opinion.

So now this, according to the liberal media, amazing guy, insults veterans and their families nationwide by doing something any moron knows he shouldn't have done, in order to kiss up to a particular portion of his constituents. Badly done Governor,very badly done.

As to anyone else who has been wondering who Christie was/is, in the first place, do some "bing-ing" or googling. You can trace his "rise" to Carl Rove. Ahhh, the light begins to dawn - the mediocre/moderate section of the Republican party.

I bother to post this because (eeeeek), there are some now pushing Christie for eventual Vice President. Well, I don't think Santorum will pick Christie, thank goodness

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... for anyone interested.


I think examining the records of these establishment repubs is important, because if Santorum does get the nomination (or even if Newt does), and DEFINITELY if Romney happens to get the nomination, moderate to liberal types like Christie will be trumpeted by the liberal media for VP.

His record tells me why he didn't want national scrutiny.

He is a Republican in a blue New England state. Were you expecting Jerry Falwell?


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