Blade Checking Out Chinese Investors


Mayor Bell said, today I believe, that he doesn't care where investment dollars come from. If someone suggested they come from investors in Columbia, Mexico or Afganistan, all hell would probably break loose. Specially if the investors are barely known. Now, google China regarding heroin, MDNA, and other drugs, you'll see that this stuff flows through well known routes through the country, to several international ports, for overseas distribution. As far as I know, Toledo has international ships coming to its' Port. Anyone see a cause for possible concern? I'm sure Toledo-sized ports are less "under the radar" than ports such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. I think the Blade has a legitimate reason to check out any foreign investors, IMO. I don't think the Chicom government would endorse this, but the country is too large for them to watch everything. The have their share of crooks, too.

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Sadly, Toledoans would welcome the economic boost of more shipping, regardless of the cargo, especially if a blind eye can be turned towards it.

I also hired investigators to look into the Chinese investors. It was discovered that the investors enjoy Chinese food. Best $1,000 I ever spent!

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