This is interesting especially in light of what's happening in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota


Ohio should become the nation’s 24th “right-to-work state,” voters in a new poll declare.
By a 14-point margin – 54 percent to 40 percent – participants in the Quinnipiac Poll say the Buckeye State should join Indiana in making it more difficult to mandate union membership. The poll comes less than four months after Ohio voters crushed Senate Bill 5 by 23 points in a referendum on slashing public employee union rights.
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There will be a big push at the polls on March 6 to obtain signatures to put a Right to Work issue on the ballot in November. It is being conducted by the same people who put together the very successful anti-Obamacare Issue 3 initiative this past November. That Issue won in EVERY county in the State (not a good sign for Obama's chances to win Ohio in 2012). Also, that issue won by a bigger margin (66% to 34%) than Issue 2 lost by.

As a person who pays dues (but doesn't belong to) a union that contributed the largest amount to the defeat Issue 2 cause, I look forward to not being forced to have my money support candidates and issues that I don't agree with.

When are the RTW petitions being circulated? I can't even find a schedule. All I hear is about Chris Littleton and the Ohio Liberty Council.

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