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Has our society completely forgotten the common courtesy of not interrupting others? How many times are you being waited on in a store and someone walks up with "a quick question," and then the teller stops ringing up your order and starts helping the rude interrupter? Or, just being in a conversation with someone else and someone just comes up and starts talking to the person like you're invisible about a topic that has nothing to do with the conversation? Anyone else have some examples?

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And it drives me crazy in stores especially.

It happens at lot at Walmart. Their clerks are encouraged to be helpful, etc. That good part of their training is usually evident. BUT, a lot of these clerks, many of them very young, have never been taught the concept of "First Come First Served". They don't even appear to be offended that their current customer [who may have waited in line for up to 10 minutes before their own turn] is being treated in a grossly unfair and unprofessional manner. I couldn't agree with you more.

I had a young Walmart clerk just last week stop ringing up my order and get into a very lengthy conversation with an individual who had just walked up behind me in line. The "question" would have been better addressed to the Customer Service clerks. But this is a management problem and responsibility - to TRAIN THESE INEXPERIENCED CLERKS to wait on one customer at a time, and re-direct the rude nutcases to Customer Service. They could also be trained to say "I'll be with you in a moment." Years ago that is exactly what retail store clerks would do. The clerks have the responsibility of stopping these interrupting idiots, and store management have the responsibility to do the needed training. I think any training in this area is completely lacking these days.

I have, on occasion, when the offense was really blatant, turned to the jerk with "question" and say - directly to the jerk - "She will be right with you, she's just finishing my order." Don't be afraid to say something - and don't be afraid to complain to management if it happens too many times in the same store.


That was you? I had no idea...

Mad Jack
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I've seen it and had it done to me, and if it really is a quick question I don't care. What gets on my very last nerve is when one stupid knuckle dragging female Neanderthal starts banging her chops at some clueless clerk who's working the cash register, and who makes the rest of the world wait while the clerk scratches his nuts and finally calls for the manager, then tries to explain Blubberino's problem to the manager, and then finally takes a back seat while the dumb female Neanderthal repeats her nonsensical question complete with additional commentary to the manager.

I interrupt. What the fuck? Why the hell should I stand around and waste my time while a pair of dumb ass water buffalo root around the water hole and yammer, bellow and howl about absolutely nothing? The clerk is too damned dumb to tell 'em to take their silly-ass problem someplace else.

If I'm standing in line or waiting for the retard at the register to finish ringing up my order and some poor moke wants to know just where on God's green earth the Kroger company is now hiding the Ragu spaghetti sauce, who am I to stand in his way? Let him ask, the clerk can tell him, and we can all get on with our day. Believe me, I can identify with this poor schmuck. The store isn't designed to be user friendly, you can't find what the old ball and chain sent you to the store for, you want a beer, dinner and the idiot box - and just as soon as you can find a fucking package of banana pineapple peach jello, an 8 ounce jar of tahini sauce and some cardamom, you can get those things. But just where the fuck are they? So you ask, but oh no! Some fucking bitch on a stick standing behind a cart with 87 items in the express check out lane objects when you ask the clerk.

Bite me. Let the poor fool ask his question and be on his way.

Mad Jack
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Who's there?

Interrupting Cow.

Interrupting Co~

There will be a long line but I'm next and I'd been waiting a long time, The store decides to open another line and requests that the people behind me.get waited on. That really irritates me when they do that.

You're right, but I've seen cases where the cashier opening the register will point to the person next in line and give that first spot to them, which is nice.

Mad Jack
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