Toledo Makes The Most Miserable Cities In America List.

The most miserable cities in America, Toledo, Ohio makes it again, Wow... number 8 out of 10. and guess who's on the front page of the article, Toledo...Below the pic it reads>
The city is ensnared in a scandal within its Department of Neighborhoods that involves alleged bid rigging and stolen funds. The FBI and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are investigating the crimes. Toledo scores poorly when it comes to income and property tax rates.
City government makes us proud... Once again Congratulations we have made these kinds of lists 3 or 4 times before.....

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what do you expect the morons they keep electing into office is killing that city.

Not a surprise, democrats have controlled the city for decades. Yet, the same idiots that keep electing them, believe it when they blame the OTHER party.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Remember when Toledo's failure was because of Bush. I wonder what the problem is now?

Toledo always finds good excuses. The stupid need excuses.


"I wonder what the problem is now?"

Haven't you been listening to the latest poop? The Democrats still claim it's all Bush's fault. After all, Bush's tax cutting is responsible... not hugely excessive spending and borrowing by all levels of society. Right? Well, in the Liberal Echo Chamber, of course right!

"Bush! Bush! Bush!" -- that's all I hear from the leftwingnuts who flap their gums in public. Democrat administration are as always "cleaning up". Apparently they are the slowest cleaning crew in all of Human history.

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