There's a Communist Living in the White House--Great Video!

Remember Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live? She was Dennis Miller's co-anchor on Weekend Update. She also was involved with the Toonces the Driving Cat skits. Victoria is a staunch Christian Conservative. It's strange to think that both she and Miller (a Libertarian) were on such a liberal show at the same time.

Anyway, Victoria has a wonderful YouTube video where she plays the ukulele and performs a song she wrote called, "There's a Communist Living in the White House." I had the chance to meet her at last year's CPAC and she was great! Enjoy!

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Everyday is worse than the day before with this guy. Talk about putting out fires. And the MSM kisses his a** everyday. If this Marxist thin skinned child is reelected, and has 4 unchecked years of power, we won't recognize our couny. We have been invaded from within.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

The song was satire, Tom.

Patience is a great virtue.

You have a rational explanation for every response, you can't see past your nose. Does shit stink donnie or is it just are imagination?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

"Our," not "are."

Patience is a great virtue.

Of course Donnie, when challenged always deflect to the English policing of swamp bubbles....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar will always be important to informative, effective and persuasive written speech. Got it, blockhead? By the way, get a lesson on the proper use of the comma. (Hint: the key is on the lower right).

Patience is a great virtue.

Your English annoyance becomes you, but it does keep one aware of their grammar, if they care. Remember it really doesn’t make you smarter concerning other topics, other then your correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Are those commas in the right places????

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

What a Commie! How dare he take RomneyCare nation wide!

And your comment is exactly how BO and his surrogates in the MSM are going to hit Romney (if he is nominated) AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, etc. etc.

They are going to wear him out with it. All BO has to do is say OVER & OVER & OVER - you don't like my policies? Then why is the Republican nominee JUST LIKE ME??? I mean, we almost share a brain.

And Romney will have NO credible, believable response, whatsoever. The Dems are going to be rightly horse-laughing this guy off the stage at every public event.

And then at the National Prayer breakfast, we also saw a preview of exactly what I predicted previously. BO re-casting himself as a believing, practicing Christian, who knows some scripture (or at least his speech writer looked up a verse or 2 just prior to the prayer breakfast). BO will claim in public in speech after speech that he is a Christian - the implication always being an unspoken reminder that Mormons are not, and have not historically claimed to be. Romney will not be able to throw enough money at those 2 tactics to mitigate the damage they will do. BO still keeps the most damaging info about himself hidden, with the complicity of the MSM -- and has been playing the race card for the last 3+ years.

As to Victoria Jackson, she is hysterically funny. Her Christianity has cost her jobs. She is an actual, real Christian. She wrote in one column at WorldNetDaily that she had interviewed for that tv show "The Talk". The question she believes "sunk" her chances was when they asked her which of the women on the View she liked best. Victoria is a little naiive, and answered truthfully that she liked Elizabeth Hasselbach. EH is supposedly the token "conservative" on the View - she is in reality just a moderate Republican, not really conservative. At any rate, Victoria's answer likely cost her any real chance at the "Talk" panel. She said in hindsight, she should have said her favorite was Whoopi Goldberg, as she admires her comedy skills.

I think she still has an occasional column at She's very funny. But she's certainly not the first to point out that BO governs as a marxist.

Not to worry. Our coming all-Republican congress (House & Senate) will easily rein in whoever gains the White House this year.

I'm with you Farmergal. The important thing is for the Republicans to take over the House AND the Senate. That way--if, God forbid--Obama wins another term, we have the chance of saving the company. Obama's shills will have to step up their game in creating new types of voter fraud. The Black Panthers better stock-up on night sticks!

Romney is a Leninist. Gingrich was a member of the Hitler Youth. Santorum has secretly vowed to follow all directives from the Pope. It's so easy to make absurd accusations, but it's become tiresome to continue to hear of our president referred to as a Marxist.
For years we were told that Obama was born in Kenya or somewhere else outside of the U.S. and that he was schooled in a madrasah in Indonesia. And now Farmergal informs us that Obama will put on the mantle of Christianity in order to defeat a Mormon. The shallowness of right-wing thinking is amusing and frightening at the same time.

Patience is a great virtue.

As stated before you can't see past your nose. It’s not only Obama, this socialist agenda started along time ago, and Obama is just accelerating the process.
Christian,Muslim whatever, don't worry you will have him for another 4 years regardless of his record, he will still win against these two Rep front runners.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Aside from your socialist comment, you are correct, sir. President Obama will win re-election in November, deservedly so. He is trying to navigate this nation through tough times. Most people see that, and they aren't necessarily "liberal" or "conservative." They really don't give a shit about Republican or Democrat. They want to live good lives.

Patience is a great virtue.

Remember Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live?


There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

The first 3 accusations you cite ARE absurd (none of which I, personally, have read or heard anywhere) but, but but... were NOT made by Galt or me. So where does that leave us? Well it leaves us with you using one of the favorite tactics of leftists on message boards. That would be putting words in someone else's mouth, and then after THAT false accusation on YOUR part, arguing against something that was never said. In other words setting up a straw man and knocking him down. Or an exercise in goofiness.

If you like your guy - Obama I presume - then make your case for him. Instead of making up fake stuff conservatives don't believe in the first place. I heard the fact that Obama is going to try to try to use his (supposed) Christianity against Romney if Romney gets the nomination - on 3 different tv and radio programs in the past few days. I'm not the only one noticing this nationwide. Elizabeth Hasselbach held forth on this topic on "The View" just this morning.

I think liberals in general have a really hard time handling "inconvenient" truths. I mean some things are just true because they are true.

And I have more bad news for you - on which I intend to post separately - even liberal Mark Shields on the Newshour was bemoaning Friday, what Obama/Sebelius pulled with this directive forcing religious organizations to cover employees of these organizations with insurance for things to which said organizations are morally opposed. BO is in big trouble on this. It is completely unconstitutional what he is trying to pull here. And just today I have heard that Muslim Imams have joined this fray to denounce the administration and call for civil disobedience on this topic.

The silver lining for conservatives in all of this, besides the uproar this is causing nationwide - is that this is what Romney (or whichever Republican) will use "liberally" against BO (pardon the pun).... and trust me on this - it WILL STICK. That one blunder will likely cost BO his 2nd chance. My hope being that the Republican primary candidates are smart enough to wear BO out on this topic. Bring it up in every speech and tv commercial, and BO will be a one-termer for sure.


You just pulled what you accused Don of doing. You “heard” a bunch of conservatives saying that Obama is going to push his Christianity again Romney’s Mormon religion. CONSERVATIVES are the one putting words in to President Obama’s mouth.

I wish conservatives would make up their mind about President Obama’s religion. Is he a secrete Muslim, or a member of a Christian church that’s out to get “Whitey”… I guess what ever motivates the Neanderthals right?

As for President Obama requiring all medical plans to cover birth control, Mitt Romney pushed the same thing as governor, also requiring all Massachusetts hospitals, including Catholic ones, to provide emergency contraception to rape victims, even though some Catholics view the morning-after pill as a form of abortion.

Good luck to Romney trying to bash President Obama over everything he had already done as governor…

Sensor, farmergal is to conservatives on here that purnhrt and wolfman are to the liberals on here.

It goes to show there are ignorant people on both sides of the aisle.


a Convenience Christian like Obama wouldn't waste his time going after his opponent's religion. He'd just have his sycophant media buddies do it for him.

But while you're waiting for "conservatives" (and I use that term loosely for the secret Muslim types and birthers) to make up their mind about Obama's religion, maybe you and your fellow liberals could decide what's more important;

Cancer research or aborting babies...I guess whatever motivates the limp-wristed loons though, right?

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