War - what is it good for?

Civil War Reunion footage...

(Statistics on several war death totals are at the end of the video). This is a great history piece you might want to archive. Priceless footage. Everyone should see this. A piece of History that we should never forget.


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Your attempt to be cute displays ignorance.

So while the tune may be catchy it is no less wrong.

War is an extension of politics as correctly defined by Clauswitz. So technically you've said politics is good for nothing. Yet politics is the assurance of one's own interests over another.

Even when we delve upon War from an intrinsic and animalistic sense we see that war as conflict begets evolution. War was what moved man into and beyond the Stone Age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age and into the Nuclear and Information Ages.

The Civil War should not be forgotten because of this reason more than any. The Civil War was the first move worldwide away from the Napoleonic and Thirty Year's War styles of fighting of rank and file upon rank an file while artillery helped to decide the advantage into a modern day war upon stressed lines of communication and supply. The Civil War did as much to push the Industrial Revolution as the Cotton Gin and Steam Engine. Telegraphs were first used in the Civil War, hot air balloons were present as the first true form of aerial recognizance, and the use of the gatling gun.

From a political perspective comparing the civil war to modern day the Civil War reminds us of the far-reaching affects that the creators of this nation had. If the 3/5ths compromise had not been reached the South's power would have easily usurped the Missouri Compromise and we might only today be solving the issue of slavery at a national level.

So while the personal and emotional toll of the video are prevalent the Civil War should remind us that we should never stray from conflict as conflict does eventually produce a standing solution as well as how advanced our society became as a result of conflict.



Does nothing good except for the undertakers. Say it again.

Patience is a great virtue.

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