Mitt Romney Not a Natural Born Citizen?

"Amid ongoing challenges to Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility, some have raised questions about the constitutional status of the leading candidate for the Republican nomination, Gov. Mitt Romney, contending he was born in Mexico or that his father was not an American citizen at the time of his birth".

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Who is raising the question? Mitt was born in Detroit, Michigan and he's an American Citizen...

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Since Romney’s father, at the time of his birth, was not a U.S. citizen, nor did he ever become one, according to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1875…Romney is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. The Authors of the Constitution were concerned about any person being president that might have undue influence from a foreign country. Looks to me like Obama and Romney have the same problem here.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Huh? George W. Romney (Mit's dad) parent's were American citizens. So he was too, even though he was born in Mexico. Also Miit's mom was American citizen born in Utah...

If this were true it'd mean that two generations of Romney's have run for President under false pretenses.

Of course though this is not true. Mitt was born in Detroit, MI and his father, George, was born in Mexico but to two American citizens and the naturalization of which has been supported by the Naturalization Act of 1790 and that law has never been directly challenged by the Supreme Court.

The terms "natural born" and "native born" are both concurrent and interchangable by US law because any child born to two US citizens retains the right of US citizenship. Yet any child born within the US or it's territories are also considered natural born citizens even if both parents are not US citizens.


Mitt Romney's father, George, was born in Mexico to parents who were U.S. citizens. It would be like U.S. citizens working abroad and having a child--that child would be a U.S. citizen. Citizenship should not be confused with place of birth. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit. Logic would tell you that if there was a question about George Romney's citizenship, it would have been explored when he was running for the Repulican presidential candidacy in 1968. As an aside, Obama's dad was born in Kenya and never became a U.S. citizen.

The solution to this is obvious. Elect Romney as President, find out what part of Mexico he was born in, then invade that section of Mexico so as to stop the flow of drugs into the U.S., then declare that section a State of the United States which will, in turn, make all the Mexicans that were born there or who live there US citizens. We'd have to make this retroactive to 100 years ago, but so what? Several problems are solved at once. Our population of illegal immigrants should drop from 20 million or so to about 5 people from Togo and 3 from Canada. We'll have a State that's in worse economic shape than California, which will make everyone in California feel better. The labor unions will have new terrain to conquer. The Moonbats will have many new catastrophes to protest, and thanks to the Mexicans... okay, the Mexicans will likely all vote the GOP ticket.

Maybe my solution isn't perfect, but at least we'll have a natural born citizen as president of the United States, which is more than we have now.

Mad Jack
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