A Pro-America Foreign Policy???

Definitely not something I expected to see headlining a page on the Ron Paul 2012 website. Similarly surprising was the statement that followed:

"As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government."

Especially considering, as noted by Accuracy in Media, that Dr. Paul views accused traitor Bradley Manning as a "political hero" and a "true patriot." Nevermind the whole breaking of the law thing by leaking classified information. I'm guessing if you ask ten random people on the street if that sounds like a pro-America foreign policy, at least nine of them will laugh in your face. Thankfully, Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee for president.

Ron Paul Says Accused Traitor is a Patriot

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It would be one thing if Manning gave up the information because he believed it to be a violation of US law or morally unjust. Instead Manning did what he did to impress a gay lover.

To make it even more laughable and embarassing to Congressman Paul, Manning is now using the defense that he did what he did because he has a Gender Identity Crisis and thus a mental health issue.

So, Congressman Paul thinks a man who believes being Gay and Transgendered is a mental illness and uses that to be a traitor and break US law is a hero.

This is nothing more than an end justifies the means argument and it is a complete disregard for the laws the rest of us abide by. For this and the rest of his views on the military are the reason the Congressman will not get the nomination.


Best line from the debate on Saturday came from Sen. Santorum.

After Congressman Paul said the saving of the Iranian fishermen was what the US should be doing instead of nonviolent sanctions Senator Santorum correctly pointed out that under Congressman Paul's plan there would be no ships available to save the fishermen.


Brace yourself for another Obama term, these Republicans, Libertarians, or so called Conservatives will destroy each other.
Romney is the White Obama, so where will we be with him. What a joke, a circus, a bunch of adults acting juvenile, there will be many that won't look past the negative talk and ads, again what a joke....
McCaskey summed it up pretty good,
"You've got Gingrich, whose popularity peaked almost 20 years ago and needs retreads on his political tire.
You've got Santorium, who's certified Cuckoos Nest and in a general election gets the John Boy Walton vote and the backwoods cretin who sodomoized Ned Beatty in Deliverance and that's about it. Maybe the banjo-playin' kid, too.
You've got Perry who's finished but doesn't know it yet.
The black guy-womanizer and crazy-eyed witch from Minnesota have already cashed out.
There's still somebody named Hunter or Huntsman or whomever still out there still wasting his time and $$$.
And Paul well he didn't believe we should of been in WWll ect. ect...
Nope, you're stuck with the pretty-boy, blue-blooded, country-clubber RINO who started Obamacare in Massachusetts as your best shot. Hold your nose and check his name on the ballott box and good luck with all that".

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Generally speaking, I support whistle-blowers who shed light on the lies of our government.

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