Rasmussen results (yesterday) for South Carolina primary


I found the following interesting, not just because I like Santorum, but because it doesn't really match the blabbering of the national media, who are trying to convince South Carolina voters in advance that Romney has it sewn up.


Also, Rasmussen is the only pollster I really trust at this point.

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You folks have driven out Cain and Bachmann.You tossed Perry into the ditch. You're allowing nut-case Paul to participate in debates.Pawlenty was possibly your best choice but you failed to see that.
Your candidate will be Romney. And you will lose.

Patience is a great virtue.

pinko commy

Cain was an adulterer - the voters didn't know that when he first came on the scene. Most Republicans, unlike most Democrats, don't admire or approve of adulterers. Bachman's performances in the debates, as well as Rick Perry's poor performances in the debates told us they were not ready for prime time. Bachman would never have won the presidency. She also went after fellow conservatives, unnecessarily. Perry I felt sorry for, but he did this to himself. And yet the majority of Republicans (around 75%) are wanting a conservative candidate. At least we are blessed with talented candidates.

You Dems, on the other hand are stuck with a candidate who covers up much of his past (his never explained 2 Social Security numbers just for starters), claims his mother & father met in a class, when there is a clear photo on the internet of his socialist grandfather welcoming his father to Hawaii a year earlier than this supposed classroom meeting. In other words, fabrication on top of fabrication. That's the candidate you are stuck with. We still don't know much about BO, but we know a lot more than we did, including that he uses Air Force One like a favorite toy, and that the first couple hide the lavish parties they throw at the White House while American citizens are experiencing a very real depression.

The ever-annoying Donna Brazille can crow all she likes about Romney being the weakest Republican candidate [with which I agree]. Fact is, whoever wins the presidency is going to face a Republican House and Republican Senate. Good luck with that if either BO or possible nominee Romney win the White House. The Republican congress will keep them completely in check.

to the Republican-led Congress that has these approval ratings?


'Cuz the Repubs are going to take the Senate this year, and I'm pretty sure you are aware of that little fact.

After 3+ years of BO shoving Obamacare and ugly partisan politics down the country's throat, should BO win again [due solely to the nation not having a conservative choice] - it would actually be fun to watch a Republican congress stop him at every turn. It would be fun to see a few expected vetos, in that scenario, over-ridden. It would be equally fun to watch Romney be stopped at every turn. I'm not real enthusiastic anymore about Ron Paul after the recent debates, but he made a very good comment Saturday - that being that we elect presidents in this country - NOT KINGS.

And just as a reminder - conservatism won the day in the 2010 mid-terms - not liberalism. What was it BO said he got? Oh yeah - "shellacked".

Four more years of gridlock is hardly what this country is looking for. Wanna guarantee your version of a 'true conservative' not being in the White House anytime before you grow old? Have that scenario play out.

The 'great conservative'/Tea Party movement of two years ago is flaming out by the minute, anyway. The majority of this country really doesn't embrace long-term what they were trying to sell--


Most Republicans, unlike most Democrats, don't admire or approve of adulterers.

*cough* McCain *cough*

*cough* Gingrich *cough*

*cough* Vitter *cough*

*cough* Barr *cough*

*cough* Hyde *cough*

*cough* Ensign *cough*

I didn't say that there were no Republican adulterers. I said that most Republicans do not approve of adultery. What a few in the "ruling class" think they can get away after being elected, with is not a reflection of the vast majority of Republican voters. There's a difference.

Whereas when YOUR party's adulterer in chief was caught, HE held on to his office, and had many Democrat voter defenders at that time (and still). No surprise to me from the party that publicly claims that killing babies is some kind of "right". No moral outrage concerning your guys - because there is no sense of shame evident in the Democrat party.

The poll is not surprising because most make their determination the week of for primaries. Unfortunately Rasmussen doesn't release the cross tabs unless you pay for a membership.

I would venture to guess that within the cross tabs there are the "lean to" numbers which favor Romney although still undecided.

SC will be a make or break state for several candidates specifically Gingrich, Perry, and maybe Santorum.

I expect us to have a good clue who the nominee is before Super Tuesday because of the Iowa results and the polls I'm seeing in New Hampshire.


Romney wins he's the white Obama.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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