The Homosexual Lobby is now pressuring Sesame Street -- the long-time beloved children’s show -- to portray Homosexual Muppet “marriage.”

That’s right, the Homosexual Lobby is demanding that Bert and Ernie get married.

They want Bert and Ernie to set a pro-homosexual example in order to teach your children that homophobia is wrong and homosexuality is beautiful.

They claim that if only Bert and Ernie were allowed to marry it would help put an end to bullying and end the suicides of LGBT youth.

The reality is the Homosexual Lobby wants access to your children and they want them while they're young.

Only with that access can they turn your children against your traditional values -- against you.

But that’s not all. These radicals also demand a transgender character be added to the children’s show in a “tasteful way.”


In what sick world is introducing cross-dressing perverts to 3 year olds “tasteful?”

This has to stop.

It’s one thing for the homosexuals to practice their perversion in the privacy of their own home. . .

. . . but when it comes to robbing the innocence of our children and forcing their "lifestyle" into every aspect of our lives, there’s no way Public Advocate is letting that go.

The bottom line: The Homosexual Lobby wants desperately to mainstream homosexual behavior as natural and wholesome; and they won’t stop at using our children as targets to achieve their agenda.

Why do we continue to let Homosexuals who are less than 2% of the U.S. population dictate our culture.

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May Ernie and Bert live happily ever after. I hope Big Bird is best man at the ceremony. Do you think Grouch and Cookie Monster will be invited?

Patience is a great virtue.

What a punch of perverts. These fags need to be stopped.

Seriously dude, do you ever stop thinking about gay sex?

Sesame St. already responded to this.

Their answer to the petition was THEY'RE PUPPETS, and as such they don't have a sexuality. So calm the outrage down. There will be no wedding between Bert and Ernie, who Jim Henson named after the Cop and Taxi driver from It's a Wonderful Life.


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