Just had the "opportunity" to listen in to the Brian Wilson show. Brian was noticably missing. Before you get started on my not having the wherewithal to or knowledge on how to change the station, just so you know 1370 AM is very entertaining to me and also very educational to whoever else is in my vehicle (usually a child). Whenever I am driving, I am drawn to the station, something like passing an accident and your eyes just naturally look. Today, (while I was listening) the subject matter, was just plain irrational and unbelievable. The normally rational and highly respected Maggie Thurber was hosting the show today and started off with a rant about the FAA and Santa Claus. OMG! Now, Maggie used to make a little sense but somewhere along her journey she has lost her way.

I don't think it is the Republican rhetoric but the conservative talk show points that caused this irrational rant. This begs the question, "what are you all smoking?" GEESH!

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Elder brother of Carl and Dennis? Cousin of Love? Lead songwriter and singer for the Boys? And he has a radio show now? OMG! As to what we smoke, God Only Knows.

Patience is a great virtue.

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