Hoarding 100 Watt Light Bulbs


I saw Senator Tom Coburn on tv discussing this "ban" on 100 watt incandescent bulbs. He has stocked up big time. I missed the first part of the interview, but take it he is completely agains this ban.

Following is an article on the hoarding lots of us are doing. I have a limited supply, but plan to buy much more prior to December 31st. This "ban" is so moronic on so many levels.


I'm assuming border state residents can buy as many 100 bulbs as they want in Canada. Then there's the little fact that the CFL (spiral) bulbs have been proven to be bad for people's health. If we get a Republican Senate & prez in 2012, this kind of nutball legislation can be overturned, thank goodness.

I have a great article on the health hazards (beyond mercury content) of CFL bulbs, which I will post separately later on.

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I've always used 60-watt bulbs for fire-safety reasons. Is this ban only on 100-watt bulbs or also on those that draw less on a home's electrical system? Every lamp I have purchased strongly recommends using no more than 60-watt bulbs. I have looked but have been unable to find any story referring to incandescents under 100 watts. Should I begin hoarding 60-watt bulbs?

Patience is a great virtue.

The same energy standards that were recently delayed for 100-watt bulbs will go into effect for 75-watt bulbs in 2013 and lower wattage bulbs in 2014.

is some kind of structured deal where next on the list is the 75 watt incandescent, and then I believe the intent is to eliminate all incandescent.

It's nutty, and is one of the things voters are expecting a future Republican Senate and Administration to oveturn - right after Obamacare.

The articles I have read are mainly about how the CFL (spiral) bulbs are making people sick. One restaurant went out of business after installing these, and losing customers. I'll post that article after Christmas. It's an eye opener. Most of what has been "sold" to the public on CFL's is false. Personally, I will start using oil lamps before I ever buy a CFL.

And I'm guessing that even congress reps who passed this stinker of a bill - have also stocked up on 100 watts. They, after all, can afford stockpiling.

Included in last week's omnibus spending bill was a provision delaying, until October, the enforcement of energy standards set to take place on Jan. 1 that many indicated would essentially eliminate the 100-watt bulb.

Thanks for the heads-up, Clem. Unfortunately or otherwise, I have loaded up on 60-watt bulbs. I like the mellow yellow light. I can't stand the harsh white light of fluorescence.

Patience is a great virtue.

For the record, they aren't banning incandescents. They are only banning the production of incandescents that fall under a certain efficiency value. Unfortunately, this seems to result in most if not all incandescents not meeting the standard.

I use incandescents in certain cases for their high illumination and in other cases because they are so inefficient (i.e. they produce significant heat as well). Our Congress has no business banning anything like that, since it's my choice. Naturally, the Democrats in the Congress tried to use their majority to push their agenda on the rest of us.

Interesting info and comments from all.

I'll try Monday to post the anti-CFL article on health hazards. [Have to dig through my e-mail archives to find it.] It exposes in detail a lot of the deliberate misinformation surrounding CFL's.

Meantime, this is a pretty funny article on the subject, confirming that, yes, the "ban" has been postponed:


the MOST idiotic POST and THREADS, I have EVER read! This post and comments should be in the light bulb Hall of Fame.

Question 1...
You don't read your own posts?

Question 2....
Was somebody holding a gun to your head forcing you to read through the post and threads?

comment: If discussion of this (or any other legislation) is idiotic - it then follows that the legislation itself is (everybody...)

You go, girl, (or boy, since I have no idea who you are).
I was only wondering about 60-watt bulbs. prnhrt turned it into something else altogether. I don't know why she does does crap like that.
Are you are really a farmer girl? Cows and pigs? Or just harvesting vegetables? Either way, if you're really a farmer girl, God bless you. Continue taking care of the earth.
As for me, I've got a pantload of 60-watt bulbs over here. The 100-watt stories have scared the sh*t out out of me.

Patience is a great virtue.

So... more "was" than "am", at the moment. I do plan, however, to move back to the country when I am "completely" rather than semi-retired. I miss being able to see more than 3 or 4 stars at night. I miss the cows & chickens (well not the chicken who used to attack me when I was 5. What I ever did to that chicken I will never know.

Be blessed wherever you go. Be nice to chickens.

Patience is a great virtue.

I remember hearing about this forever ago. They're finally going to do it . There is so much more they need to be taking care of rather than this. Freaking people.

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