What will Newt Gingrich do next?

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he won't be Impeached, like the rapist Slick Willy.
He won't be found to be a sexual pervert like Gov.Eisner-NY-Dim.
Or like the pedophile Rep. Weiner.NY-Dim.
Or like Rep. Wu-Cal.-Dim, just another sexual predator.
Maybe, he'll fill his freezer with cold cash like Rep.William Jefferson-Lou.-Dim.
Or, like John Edwards-liar, embezzler, piece of dung.
Teddy Kennedy,D-manslaughterer.
Alcee Hastings, bribe taker, D.
Marion Barr-D-bribe taker.,Barney Frank-D- pedophile .Chris Dodd,etc.

Or possibly, just KILL over 25 MILLION jobs like OweBaMao Hussein Bin Lying & the Fascist Demonrats, have !