Condi Rice, Next VP?


This will certainly PO the democrats' party. She has a stellar record, personal AND public. What, oh what are they to do? Play the race card? Cite her record on international affairs? Engage the liberal trolls on Swampbubbles to trash her character? Folks, it seems the Republicans are about to hit a major league home run here. BTW, the FIRST woman President, is NOT going to be Mrs. Bill Clinton, either.

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Good luck with that. I’m sure conservatives will be lining up to vote for a black lesbian and Libertarians will love her record on Iraq…

I think she'd be a good VP choice. But I don't think she has any want for the job.

Additionally I don't think it matters that she's black or a woman. Identity politics has never really worked. What matters is she is effective and she has proven that before.


"Identity politics has never really worked."

Google - "Nixon Southern Strategy"

I love this quote -
"The White House, through its Chicago mafia, was intent on taking out Mr. Cain."

Huh? All signs point to Perry and Romney bring Cain's past to light. In the end, Cain too Cain out...

I do love the comments in the article you posted. The conservative posters slap fighting each other is classic.

to Joe Biden, is like comparing a top fuel dragster, to a unicycle.
A phd. to a GED.
A Christian to a heathen.
A Lilac , to stink weed.
A capitalist to a Fascist.

I could go on for ever....Joe Biden, along with B.Hussein OweBaMao, have killed the American Dream, of home ownership, in three short years !

And, complete and total rectal orifices, haven't noticed ?

Condi Rice was engaged(I think)to Toledo born, NFL player Rick Upchurch. So much for the lesbian rant, from someone clearly celebrating New Years' Eve a week early.

dancing mice being electrocuted ,than human beings !
Ask a psychotic liberal what would you rather have, GW's economic statistics or, Barry Hussein OweBaMao's, and they will tell you with a straight and hideous face, OweBaMao's ?!
Clearly, delusional, deranged, and completely disgusting Dim-kleptocrats !
PROOF: is all around us in Little Detroit.

It's easy to understand why Lib "men" don't like Condi Rice.

She is obviously much more intelligent than the typical Democrat. Graduated high school and went on to college at age 15.

"Rice was a gifted student and a prodigy on the piano, and she entered college at the age of 15 with the intention of becoming a concert pianist. "

"...entered the eighth grade at only eleven years of age, and graduated from high school at age fifteen."

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Rant? Not quite. Rice being gay is one of the worsted kept secret in Washington. She lives with her partner and they share a bank account. I could care less that she's gay, conservatives on the other hand most likely will.

Her being engaged briefly 41 years ago doesn't prove your point.

for his accomplishments by the far radical leftist job killers that adore him.
Plus, he'll be awarded the Golden Shower Award, from NAMBLA, for his man-boy dating adventure with his poof lover-boy.

And, leftists love this homosexual and hate, Condi ?!

The train is off the tracks when incongruent cognition effects even the most biased weenies on the Planet !?
I like this one but, hate THAT one ?????
AMAZING gaucherie on display !!!

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

and I've traveled there with them and saw this " monument " !
I won't convey what I witnessed at this site in passing it by.
Only, to say it ain't much of a Holy Shrine & incense, could approve the surrounding aroma...

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