To Christian Conservatives who have fallen by the wayside.....

As we come into this holiday week, a week full of retrospection and what should be a reflecting back over this last year full of Christian conservative rhetoric, I want to offer this song by Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores and ask the question.......WWJD today?

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What would Jesus do?

On at least one occasion when our Lord and Savior saw what the money changers were doing in the Temple, he got really pissed and trashed the place, sparing no-one his rage making it painful if you stuck around (John 2:15). Why shouldn't Christians become angry under similar circumstances?

WWJD? When he was being crucified the curtain in the temple was torn violently from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51).

Many versions or visions of the Christ are as incomplete and as greatly misunderstood as the passion of his followers. I suggest for those who don't understand some serious Bible Study, instead of referring to pop culture and anecdotal stories.

Jesus came to save us from tyranny of death with Satan. That was our free gift. That was his mission in life. Jesus was no wimp, he took a terrible death on the cross for those who believe. Why shouldn't we live free from oppressive Government as a matter of living out our freedom given to us from God our Father?

Now if you don't mind I have to go back to celebrating his birth and teaching the truth of his life and message to our children. A great lesson for life you know (our segment of the population is the most giving after all).

Thanks for the Commodore link and have a Blessed Christmas

Mr. Apathy

Its funny how non-believers always use the WWJD scenario. As if they would actually do what Jesus would do. Jesus commands you to repent of your sin and turn your life to him and not look to yourself for your salvation. Until you do have neither the capacity to know what Jesus would do or have the ability to do it. For those who are cautious about thinking what Jesus would do in any situation....make sure it lines up with the Bible. Biblically, He consistently did the exact opposite of what most people of that day thought he would do. WWJD is really just another example of our arrogance as humans to assume we know...and yet another "Christian" marketing scheme to profit off the name of Jesus Christ...

I especially appreciate the last sentence of yours Kooz. While I get disgusted with dedicated non-believers pretending they do not know that the Lord Jesus identified Himself as the Son of God...

My major problem remains exactly what you said "Christian" marketing scheme to profit off the name of Jesus. Professing believers should know better. I hold them to a much higher standard than mockers and non-believers. They will eventually find out - as Christopher Hitchens now knows - that Jesus Christ is Lord.

I grew up in a very small evangelical congregation & watched people like a man named Gil Van Dongen (nobody famous) burn himself out for God and the poor at 2 different inner city missions in Detroit. And therefore have a really hard time seeing how well-to-do tv evangelists rationalize to themselves the money they rake in. It just doesn't compute to me. I was watching one recently (my digital tv also receives analog channel 68, which is TBN). A good speaker, lesser known, and not one of the ones I find offensive - and YET I still feel they should all get regular jobs, and do the tv programs on the side. That's just my opinion. Mega churches and huge money-making "ministries" like Joyce what's-her-name - I will never understand, nor do I think they are pleasing the Lord much with these money machines. I have never recovered from the ugly fact of Pat Robertson "selling" CBN to Ruppert Murdoch for big bucks - none of which Robertson returned to Christian donors. It stunk to high heaven - and I mean that literally.

Oh well, glad to see that some actually read scripture - good posts guys.

Hello My name is Tim VanDongen and Gil was my great grandfather. I am looking for more information and stories on him. While at a GOP/Rand Paul event at Grace Bible Chapel in Detroit yesterday, I spoke to Pastor Ken Hampton, who called Gil his mentor and he owes everything he has today to Gil. Please email me at detroittigersforever @ Thank you.

I love commenting on posts by Farmergal. This time I have a question? Aren't the people who burned people at the stake in the 1600's and people who are members of the KKK Christian Conservatives? Let us not forget the over 800 people who were poisoned in Jonestown.

Wow lots of judgement being thrown around in this thread.

From judging people as non-believers to calling Christian conservatives members of the KKK.

I think the most important lesson Jesus taught was that others are not ours to judge. We are born of God in God's image and only God can judge and it does not come of this world nor are we of the mental capacity to understand it.

What would Jesus do? He'd love the sinners and non-believers. Instead of worry about coveting that of thy neighbors to first understand who is your neighbor.

Plus being that Jesus would consider his death a much more significant event than his birth I don't think he'd have any problem with the commercialization of X-mas. As long as we treat our fellow man with respect and dignity. We can start with changing the tone of this thread. All of us.


Since it is very obvious most on this thread have been shown to be small minded, oppressive people, now you want the tone changed. Change your behavior and the tone will change.

Wow still judging.

Well Merry Christmas I guess.


I am not judging. I am just bringing bad behavior to your attention.

So allow me to bring something to your attention.

In two separate threads you've attempted to discredit posts with information you don't like by comparing the poster or a group they associate with to a hate group. You've done this in lieu of any rational disagreement.

You do not post facts that can be backed up. In the case of this thread your original statement on the KKK was factually inaccurate.

You do not rationally discuss issues.

When presented a logical argument you resort to namecalling and platitudes.

Just bringing to your attention this is what hatemongers do.

Now my demeanor in this thread has actually been to raise the level of discourse, primarily because this thread has invoked that it be in the name of Jesus and quickly turned sour. At no time have I resorted to anything negative that wasn't already stated in the thread. I have presented rational logic within my arguments.


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