Where could you see Ron Paul in a GOP Cabinet?

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But Newt Gingrich is not going to be the nominee. Ron Paul isn't looking for any "bones" tossed to him. And neither Gingrich nor Romney would offer any cabinet post to Ron Paul, and he wouldn't be likely to accept one from either of those moderate-to-liberals in the first place. And when Ron Paul becomes president, he isn't going to offer either Romney or Gingrich any cabinet post.

Dr. Paul is his own man. Should he not become president, he's much more valuable in congress. He doesn't kiss up to anyone - that's why the D.C. crooks can't stand him.

Newt Gingrich is a sleazy D.C. insider, who as Dr. Paul had to point out in the last debate - when Gingrich accepted influence-peddler big bucks from Fannie/Freddie - THOSE WERE TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Those were tax dollars paid by Wendy's and K-Mart workers, so that the Newtster could pad his personal bank account. Influence peddler is my term - but if you don't know that ordinary Americans can see through the dissipated life of Newt Gingrich, you are whistling past the graveyard.

Farmergal I've already outlined why Ron Paul is a severe underdog in the race. Now I do agree with you that if he were to become the nominee he would beat the President, I believe that of all of the candidates.

Unlike you I haven't chosen who I am supporting for the nomination yet. I have until July and I will probably take up all of that time.

Now given that Congressman Paul has such a high hill to climb I asked a question to how he could still fit in an administration. And I wouldn't say he'd NEVER work for someone else. I believe if he were offered the chance to lead the Treasury or Education dept with the intent on dismantling it I believe he would do it.

Now onto Ron Paul's chances. He still cannot break the 20% mark nationally. I don't even have had seen him break 15%. If you think he'll win the nomination with those numbers you're a fool.

Now if he pulls out a win in Iowa and a strong 2nd in New Hampshire he could gain momentum and maybe win Nevada (he does well there). But Super Tuesday states do not favor him so he'd still even then with all the momentum would need to climb a large hill.

Because while positions, polling, and money are all important the Congressman lacks in those states where he has an advantage in the early states.... organization. And by the time of South Carolina and Nevada it's already too late to build an organization in the Super Tuesday states so he could see on one day all that momentum go away.


You better hope Ron Paul never becomes President. He would bring all the troops home and shrink the military. You would have to go out in the real world and get a real job.

Are you responding to all of my two year of posts or just this one?

Ron Paul won't run again dipshit. First, he'll be too old in three years. Second, his son will probably run. Three, he hasn't gotten close to winning a NOMINATION let alone the general election.

Why don't you try looking through 4 yr old posts to start an argument then?


Ron Paul belongs in a group of other goofballs that never went anywhere, either. Like Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson, George Wallace, George Plimpton, Ralph Nader, Gus Hall and Angela Davis.

The Republican establishment isn't going to voluntarily add further legitimacy to Ron Paul by giving him an actual executive voice in the federal government. Was he offered a cabinet position under either of Bush's terms? Of course not.

His fiscal conservatism is ideologically incompatible with the Republican establishment. They want to keep up the huge spending behind the corporate warfare-welfare system.

Well GZ there are some good points you bring up but he wasn't offered a cabinet position in the Bush Admin because he was just being really introduced to the majority of GOP voters. That's something the long primary in '08 had an affect on.

With the rise of the Tea Party and if the Congressman is able to hold out as long as he did last time it'll be hard not to offer him something without alienating his voters. And as you know staying in power is just as important to the establishment as putting forth an acceptable candidate.

The Tea Party's power within the GOP I believe is enough to vault the Congressman to a cabinet position if he doesn't win the nomination. He does have some significant baggage though that now that he's rising in Iowa he'll have to answer about. Specifically publishing racist material in his newsletter even though he was not the author. If he gives an effective answer, which I believe he will, he can hold his appeal to indy's.


when, as has happened in every other primary he's run, he doesn't get the nomination. That being said, I also have a hard time seeing any scenario in which Congressman Paul is either asked or would agree to serve in the next GOP administration.

First and foremost, Dr. Paul still hasn't definitively said whether or not he would even endorse the eventual GOP nominee. He was asked at the last debate, but completely dodged the question. In 2008, instead of endorsing McCain, Paul made a blanket endorsement of all third party candidates. A group that included the detestable and treasonous Cynthia McKinney. And speaking of third parties, he hasn't entirely ruled out a third party run yet either. These aren't things one would normally do if they were seeking to serve in the next administration. And before someone asks the obligatory "What would make you think he would even want to serve?" question, I'll say that I agree with the sentiment as well.

Two other quick points. While Dr. Paul has a very fervent base of support, alienating them is absolutely nothing to worry about. If anything, the alienation would actually go the other way because while *insert favorite nickname of Paul supporters here* will show up for primaries and caucuses, they are traditionally unreliable when it comes to the general. As for the Tea Party, there seems to be a running misconception that somehow Paul carries a lot of weight with them. A recent straw poll conducted by the Tea Party Patriots saw the congressman get only 3% of the vote, with roughly 65% of the respondents rating their enthusiasm level with him as "Not Enthusiastic".

Well I know a lot has been said by the Congressman's supporters about how he's introduced anti-abortion legislation. Here's what I say to that. How has it fared?

In fact there isn't many bills out there that have passed both Houses with the Congressman's name on it. Yes he's principled but he also doesn't compromise much to get things done.

While they say Gingrich is not a conservative he has done more than Congressman Paul to get conservative legislation passed. He pushed the only comprehensive Welfare reform we've had since it's inception. He negiotiated the first balanced budget since President Jackson. That's major accomplishments there. So while Congressman Paul ranks high on conservative values he ranks low at effectiveness. A Cabinet position would give him the ability to affect some of the issues he holds dear with Presidential backing.

Your point about 3rd parties is correct. While I know people like GZ are highly supportive of 3rd parties ( and I am not offended nor care of their involvement in the process) if one wants the support of one the major parties one must conform their feelings in order to get it's endorsement. I personally don't see many viable options for a third party beyond expanding the U.S. to include a 51st state or more.