Husted's Stain

The Toledo Free Press asked the question about a month ago the same thing, but when will Jon Husted step into the Lucas County Board of Elections and make some changes? Will it be once Jon Stainbrook tears down any last respect and makes everyone question the Board of Elections? It is a sad day when you are hoping that James Ruvulo tries to keep anything sane when you know that all of the board members should be doing this. This will be Husted's stain that will tarnish him if he does not do something much more dramatic than what he is doing now (which is nothing). James Ruvolo put it correctly saying "Ever since I got on the board, it has been obvious there are certain members of the board who create chaos and enjoy it." Stainbrook only receives respect when he is acting like he is leading his brainwashed followers out of his own self inflicted chaos. The hypocrisy of Ben Roberts' letter proves just this. Let's hope that something can be done soon, because the Board of Elections is on the verge of being stained for a long period of time.

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I encourage Lucas County residents who care about protecting our election system to email Husted about the BOE situation. Also, email Kevin DeWine to ask him to remove Stainbrook from his GOP post. No donations to the GOP from me until Stainbrook is gone.

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