Toledo Blade & Toledo Free Press Polluting Bedford

Litter! Noise Pollution! Major Toledo News Papers have no respect for Michigan residents.

Toledo Blade consistently hires deliver drivers who do not have mufflers on their cars and deliver papers at 4 a.m. through neighborhods waking up residents with their noisy cars. Also, Toledo Blade Advertising and Toledo Free Press are in violation of Michigan Penal Code for littering by dropping their papers in the middle of streets and yards.

Last week..I thought some teenagers played a joke on our neighborhood or the garbage truck accidentally dropped garbage throughout the neighborhood...but, it was the TFP and Blade Advertisments packages sprawled throughout our streets and yards.

Personally...I have complained to the Blade about their muffer-less delivery people...they replaced him with a rap-bass playing punk...after I scared him off...they replaced him with a woman now who has NO MUFFLER and wakes up our neighborhood every morning at mini-van precisely speaking... Basically, the Blade just ignores our complaints...

The Bedford Township Ordinance Department is currently working on the situation and Bedford Township home owners have contacted these papers who have said they will sanction their workers (yeah right). Our sub division in particular is working to ban the delivery of the Blade all together under our Home Association Constitution code which can ban the use of a resident using any company or service that is a continual nuisance to other residents..... considering the Toledo Blade a nusiance...this will be easy. We have already been successful in limiting our division to one garbage company (to avoid pick-ups everyday...again a nuisance).

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