Stainbrook Puppet resigns from the Board of Elections

Ben Roberts gone so soon? Resigned just this afternoon? Where's the party in celebration going on tonight?

This one is just too bizarro world to ignor. The Board of Elections has been turned into a Peyton Place by the puppet master of the daily local.

Will the Secretary of State and State Attorney General ignor this? Perhaps a few phone calls from Pittsburgh will take care of that.

Why has Roberts resigned? Perhaps it just became too hot for him to be around. How many felony 5 charges he amassed is to be seen.

Ben Roberts has been alleged not to be there half the time to fulfill a contractual obligation at a local private school. He is on the record working the weekends, but I would suggest that Kelly and Meghan send an e-mail to Gina Kazala to burn the weekend check in logs the State police maintain at One Government Center.

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The real question seems to be, why is this an office run by a bunch of party officials? It is doomed to be poorly run. I believe all of this should be done online.This is just the beginning if they would just dig deeper in the City of Toledo....this city is dirty to the core. Dept of Neighborhoods and the Election Board,etc the list goes on and on and on....Kitchen Cabinetry


You forgot to throw in the Toledo Board of Education, Lucas County Commissioners, Lucas County Board of Heath, Lucas County Prosecutor and Lucas County Sheriffs department into your mix of local corruption or as you said "dirty to the core."

I digress, but do wonder if the former Board of Elections Chief met up last night with other ex-good friends of the Stain like Matt Bartow, and Boyd Hambleton. There's a collection for ya!

Mr. Apathy

But I am shocked that Roberts is talking about a history of partisan decision making. Up until his tenure, it was anything but partisan. It is Jon that made it a laughing stock of what it is today. Ben was fully responsible for it. Truly sad, but so is everything that Jon has done and did.

Perfect quote:

“I know there was flap. I do not have any details,” he said. “Ever since I got on the board, it has been obvious there are certain members of the board who create chaos and enjoy it. Unfortunately that may be what is going on.”

Mr. Ruvulo said he was referring to Mr. Stainbrook.

The marching orders seasonal and temporary employees receive are not to talk with Democrat staff. The level of distrust that has been created makes for an incredibly hostile work environment. That's on Jon and Meghan.

I agree with your discussions of about politics.

I hope they hire a full time person this time.

I am not sure which game would better describe the upping the ante here, but it seems someone is going to bet the house or pull the trigger on a full chamber. When that happens it will be a true mess for the state to clean up.

Mr. Apathy

It's going to get worse. Stainbrook is finding out he can't bully Rovulo.

Looks like Ben Roberts might be in a bit of trouble.

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