Should Iran be taken out..

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Lets say you do it...take em out as you put it......then what? Who's next and where does it end?

Who decides which country deserves to go on and which should be obliterated?

Should it be total genocide so there is no chance that someone could come after us in the future?

Maybe it is religious. Should we take out every religion that doesn't agree with our point of view. What is "our" point of view? Do we start here in our country first?

Do we ever stop to contemplate that there are people, real people there too that just want to live in peace and grow old with their families....happy...?

In my opinion dialog gets more results, is less expensive and you learn a lot more about people and their needs.

Lets not forget that we are the greatest country on earth and really give a concerted effort to start living by our words and honor them with our actions.

The drone allegedly shot down in Iran was actually "landed there by nefarious forces within our own government." Citing the video footage which shows the drone as remarkably intact, the "plan" is for Iran to use the craft to deliver a nuclear bomb attack on the US or one of our allies. Failing that, the story would serve as the basis for a false flag attack to be blamed on Iran and "this will perfectly spark World War III."

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}