Man Arrested for Boosting Butts With Cement, Fix-A-Flat...What?????.

"Florida police on Friday arrested a man suspected of administering dangerous and illegal butt-boosting shots – injecting at least one woman with a cocktail of substances including cement, glue and tire sealant". "For 700.00 the women got a series of injections containing a bizarre concoction of cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator and sealant, police said". “[A] short time later, she develops very serious pains throughout her body and abdomen. (no really).

As odd as the idea of cut-rate, illicit, butt-boosting injections may sound, this case is far from the first that has made headlines – and in some cases, the outcome has been deadly.(No come on, whats wrong with cement, super glue and fix-a-flat to enhance your ass)...

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From what I've seen, these chicks should go downtown, and get on relief and watch their booties grow.

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