Well would any of you libs or others like to explain this common agenda within the Obama adminastration. Looks like a major Obama fundraiser (Kaiser) strategized with the White House and the Energy Dept to assist Solyndra, with family funds and a half billion in loan guarantees. Its been reported that it will costs taxpayers 535 million..

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The Liberal response will go like this:

1. Silence. (They will just ignore you.)

2. Comparison. After all, "it was only $535 million", while Bush wasted billions.

3. Denial. It was a "sound investment" that just happened to go bad.

Sadly, those are all just tactics. The reality is that it was 100% pure corruption and it only makes you wonder how much more is going on. Is the Congress really even following the "stimulus" crap that they passed? Not really.

Bingo on your S.C.D, It's become the biggest ripe-off in America, and this administration is leading in its effort. (Bail-outs, IPO'S ect) What this administration and others might not realize is the likes of the (1% ers), Pelosi's,and Fienstein's among others is that when these OWS protesters get wind of what they have done and are doing they will turn on them as well. I'm rich but I support the 99%ers (Pelosi)
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"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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