Hate Unions? VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!!! The unemployed in Ohio will hate them more.

If you hate Unions and the lazy lemmings who would rather live off of your hard work than pull their own weight, then VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!

Ohio and the communities in Ohio who can no longer afford to pay 100% of some Union hacks prescription for Viagra will have no choice but to start laying off Union labor. The lower numbers of Union members mean they will have less political clout.

That will mean open season on Unions in Ohio. And, as the Toledo Blade proved, if you lock out your union hacks for a year or two, you can start making a profit.

OR, since municipalities in Ohio will have to make a choice between paying all their non-union and union workers or just paying for the healthcare and retirement of shovel-leaning lazy drunks, the municipalities and the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS IN OHIO will have to look to the Taft-Hartley Act to bust the Unions and hire some of the hundreds of thousands of UNEMPLOYED Ohioans who would be happy to have a job.

From Taft-Hartley
Right of employer to oppose unions
"The amendments codified the Supreme Court's earlier ruling that employers have a constitutional right to express their opposition to unions, so long as they did not threaten employees with reprisals for their union activities, or promise benefits as an inducement to refrain from them. The amendments also gave employers the right to file a petition asking the Board to determine if a union represents a majority of its employees, and allow employees to petition either to decertify their union, or to invalidate the union security provisions of any existing collective bargaining agreement."

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Cops, firefighters, teachers - lazy and can't pull their weight. Got it.
Because if they could, they wouldn't enter those worthless professions. They would do what you do. Right "closetedqueerwantingblowjobsfromthosewhomheclaimstoloath?"
Hey, you know who you really should go after; you know who really gets a free ride on your dime (and mine)?
Cops, firefighters and teachers at least pay into their retirement. Not all of it, no. But teachers kick in 10% of their income. That's something. And they all pay into their healthcare.
But you know who does neither?
Who doesn't pay into their retirement at all and pays $0 for healthcare?

The US Military

Tell us how you feel about those lazy lemmings who would rather live off of your hard work than pull their own weight.
Is that your next target?
C'mon, tell us how you feel about that.

well said

You are changing the subject. At no time did he mention Cops or Firefighters.

I, for one, am very supportive of Cops and Firefighters. I feel they are underpaid and I have no problem with them being in a union. For the same reason I feel the military deserves their pension. Because they put their lives on the line for the rest of society. I don't bitch about any of those three for that very reason.

Teachers however are lazy and can't pull their weight. They don't deserve a union. The union cares not for the children. Private school teachers get paid less, aren't required to have as much education, yet do a better job EVEN when you factor in socioeconomic status of the student's parents (biggest factor in a student's success). The only variable left is the union. The teacher's union can go to hell because they're screwing the students over.

Democrats like you talk and talk and talk about cutting military benefits. Very recently they talked about cutting the military retirement. What are they doing today? They're backing away. If you do away with the military retirement there's no incentive for the young officer corps to stay when they can make better money with the same retirement in the private sector. The same is true for SNCO's who've amassed 8 years experience. So doing away with the retirement would kill the military's leadership.

Military members pay for their healthcare. Yet the Dems have discussed raising that. Well who does that affect? Oh yeah, widows and children of fallen servicemembers who've already paid so much. No wonder why Panetta was walking back from that at a little more than a jogging pace.

You Dems talk a good game but don't back it up. And you try to lump bad teacher's in with hero's like cops and firefighters.


Well said. Also lets look at the rank advancement system in the military vs teachers.

A crummy soldier will stay in the lowly ranks his entire career - teachers get their step raises, tenure, etc no matter the quality of their performance.

"A crummy soldier will stay in the lowly ranks his entire career - teachers get their step raises, tenure, etc no matter the quality of their performance." Very true.

A military member does get pay raises based upon how long they have been in BUT to remain in the military they need to keep advancing.

That's why you hear the term "passed over", in most cases (some do differ) a military member can only be passed over for promotion twice, if they don't they are forced out even if they've been in 14-16 years and are near retirement. If they are at 18 1/2 years they are considered "grandfathered" and are given the opportunity to stay for the last the last year and a half (normally in a piss poor job) before they are forced to retire. If they are past 20 years they are then forced into retirement.

I myself only have to worry about one more promotion board before I am eligible for retirement. I am already selected for Capt, the turnaround time to pick up Major is right now about 5 years, and for LtCol it is 6. If I were passed over for LtCol I'd be at 23-24 years and able to retire. I only want to stay in until year 21 1/2 so hence I only have to remain competitive for promotion to Major.


Mike, I'm not changing the subject. He did not differentiate between union cops and firefighters and union teachers - and neither did I. He blames unions, not just some of them.
I am glad that you noted the "socioeconomic status of the student's parents (is the)(biggest factor in a student's success). I agree with you. But claiming that private school teachers outperform public school (union) teachers independent of that variable must be supported by some facts. And I would surely like to see you disaggregate student performance data, with attendance data with socioeconomic status data to prove your point. But that's not an easy thing to do.
For the record, not all Democrats, least of all me, support any cuts in military benefits. And there are on-going discussions at A1, driven by both Ds and Rs, about the many different variables that make up military retirement - including the standard 20 year entitlement. We should be asking if it still makes sense for a person to retire at the age of 38 with 50% of their base pay. In most cases, this is too small a sum to support a single person much less a family. It is an interesting and worthwhile conversation.
And on healthcare; you're clearly a Military man so it surprises me to hear this. Active Duty military members DO NOT pay for health care for themselves or their families.

"Active Duty military members DO NOT pay for health care for themselves or their families." You are wrong. We do. I can show you my leave/earnings statement where it is taken out. As for families yes they pay as well. Dental especially has to be specifically paid for.

"- including the standard 20 year entitlement. We should be asking if it still makes sense for a person to retire at the age of 38 with 50% of their base pay. " Average full career military member lives to the age of 58. The average full career military member does not retire at the age of 38, 37 is the youngest one COULD retire assuming they entered into military service at 17 1/2.

I mention socioeconomic status because I believe in dealing with facts. SATs are the biggest indicator of how a student will do in college. Private school students do better at the SAT then their public school counterparts EVEN when you account for the parents socioeconomic status. http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1670063,00.html The article attributes this to developed abilities that come from more critical thinking.


Change must come regardless of Issue 2 / SB5. Government can't keep growing since the tax base is shrinking in many ways. Ohio will either chop those ridiculous benefits and pensions through the affirmation of Issue 2 / SB5, or it will have to downsize in other ways. In Columbus in the latter case, Kasich would probably sell the Turnpike (probably for chump change), and then tolls will explode, while Columbus orders the Highway Patrol to viciously cover alternate routes. Fines at the state level will double and triple. Service fees will follow. Etc.

If Issue 2 doesn't pass, then everywhere an Ohioan looks in about 2-3 years, there will be a government sign or agent posted, demanding a big fee. Because even I don't believe the state government will be laying people off. They measure their success by the size of their tiny empire of government workers.

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