Occupy Wall St protestors to call for a 1% tax on financial transactions. Those radicals!


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I think NYC should call for a 1 or 2% tax on all Occupy New York protesters to help clean up the mess they're making in the park.

Political Championship Wrestling- putting politics in proper perspective by presenting it as pro wrestling.

Coming in January, a political satire about the sorry state of American Politics- Jesusland vs. Progressiveville.

Increasing taxes is a total anti-solution for two reasons.

#1, our problems stem from excessive spending and debt.
#2, increasing taxes only encourages more of the same of #1.

Trying to steal more of each other's money is not going to work. The bailouts won't work. The stimulus won't work. More borrowing (i.e. stealing from the future) won't work. More taxes won't work. The only thing that's going to work is:

Living within means.

Try to understand this GZ--the Wall St crash is what's called a negative externality. Others are paying the price for the crash, rather than those that caused it. It's like pollution in that sense. And it's a perfectly acceptable idea, even a preferred course of action for anyone that understands econ 101 and/or believes in a free market system, to tax the negative externality.

Pink Slip

Thanks Pink! I just looked up "negative externality". That is exactly what the crash was and is. The fact that there is a term for it gives a cold and calculated sense to the whole issue. Kinda creepy if you think about it. The costs were weighed; decisions were made.

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