115 year old electric car gets the same 40 miles to the charge as the Chevy Volt does today


...It wa a failure then, it's a failure now!!


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I'm not saying "don't drill", but you obviously don't understand that the USA reached peak oil production just as Hubbert predicted, about 40 years ago. Drilling is not the answer, since even a "major" oil find today is about a month's supply for the world. And all oil drilled automatically becomes part of the world oil market; don't continue to fool yourself about that one. If there's a billion barrels under Oklahoma, and some company drills and pumps and fracks it out, it's not going to somehow be "reserved" for native use only. It's going to be sent to facilities linked to ocean terminals for consideration on the world market, and if some nation places a higher bid for it, then it'll be loaded onto ships and sent overseas.

Of course, since we're a net importer, that doesn't happen physically, but price-wise, that's exactly what happens. In order to use "your" oil, you will simply have to pay the higher price for it. Or you just turn your furnace off and park your car, sit there in the cold and wait for better times (which will never come again, since also as the oil experts predicted, peak world oil production was reached in the mid-2000s).

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