What Main Stream Corporate Controlled Media Is Afraid To Show You

What Main Stream Corporate Controlled Media Is Afraid To Show You

Corporate controlled media doesn't want you to see the building anger among the young and disenfranchised so you won't see these in the local paper. The group Occupy Toledo, according to Paul, was going to attend this event even though they weren't in charge of it. Get ready for the Toledo spring people. As Mel Brooks once said "the natives are revolting".


Where is everybody?

the rest of the thong must all be at Quimby's sandwich shop...

There are a lot of white faces in that group. We all know if it's only white faces in your protest that means you are racist.

Why is your group racist Paul?


to ask total strangers for pocket change. This should be a great place to "get my feet wet", alongside of the professional panhandlers that will be there.

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"Building anger"? That was never a factor. What builds all the time is anger, and then nothing happens but the status quo, since those who are angry have zero power. Eventually the anger ebbs since there are a lot of distractions for those sorts of people, generally the need to find work or keep working just to pay bills. We lose casual citizen activism all the time to the pressing need to earn a living. This has happened to myself as well.

While these people build their anger (as it's alleged) the unions will still rule the political process, and small and large businessmen with all their rightwing viewpoints will still run up prices while driving down wages and employment. Anger and speeches can't do anything about those destructive trends.

Instead of playing the anger card, these people should be playing it smart and see that government in Toledo is obsolete and should be disbanded for the largest part. If said government can't be disbanded directly, then it should be starved of tax revenue.

But looking closely at the group of 34 or so people, I think I've seen at least 14 of those same people panhandling during the 4th of July fireworks.

So when you subtract the 14 Democrats who are asking the others for a dollar, that leaves 20 Democrat "protestors"?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a