Toledo Jeeps shipping with the wrong parts - and it is obvious


There is an obvious pattern of Jeep Wranglers being sent out of the factory with the wrong parts and we are not talking about wrong seat stitching. We are talking about different color fenders on cars sent to dealers. Doh! One has to wonder what is going on to have such obvious mistakes.

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Must be Bush's fault. Can't be those UAW workers messing up? For those who have no sense of humor, I'm being sarcastic.



Please reference the Ford Commercial post put up earlier by Fred.

Mr. Apathy

When management decides to "tighten the belt" on of the first things they eliminate is inspection. Remember, the person putting the fender flares on one side of the vehicle, doesn't see the other side of the vehicle. They have sub-contracted many of the supply jobs to outside companies. They load containers with the parts for vehicles in order of the way they come down the line. All they have to do is screw up once and things will be out of sequence for some time.
I spent my entire 32 years in the body shop. There is a tremendous amount of automation. There are robots that runs beads of adhesive sealer along panel seams which they then weld through. When the plant first opened in 2001, there was an inspector who would continually walk a route and visibly check to see that the robots were sealing properly. That lasted less than a year. After that, those robots were only checked a couple of times per shift. They didn't screw up often, but when they did, that meant that the sealler that was supposed to be BETWEEN parts, wasn't there. Not only that, but it was nearly impossible to figure out how long they had been screwing up. So they would manually lay down sealer over the panel seams.
Sure, there are some bad workers, but honestly, it has been my experience that most major quality problems are the result of some corporate bean counter trying to save pennies.
The Jeep Liberty used to have a removable hatch on the rear floor pan under the carpet. This was in case service was needed on the electric fuel pump which is in the gas tank. They eliminated it after a couple of years to save a few bucks. Now if the fuel pump needs servicing it means having to drain it and drop it out of the vehicle.

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thanks for sharing it.

The Toledo Jeep plant has been awarded many times the most efficient plant in North America beating out all assembly plants union and nonunion. As a result the workloads are excessive leaving little time to fix or report quality issues but as you said JeepMaker bean counters seem to have the last say. When Fiat took over they seemed to recognize weakness in inspection and strengthened the department. That was several years ago and now Chrismyers is able to dig up this after all that has gone on. You have to wonder what the hell is going on with so much riding on its success? As for the fenders they are easily removed and replaced. Made to come off with minimal effort for off road purposes. But this is no excuse! I know there are final inspectors who's job is to look for the obvious especially wrong fenders. Thanks for Chrismyers to find this story and point out this nonsense. It only hurts all of us not just active or retired Jeep workers but the larger community in general. I would hope Toledo plant manager Pino realizes that quality is as important as efficiency and acts accordingly.

Oh for the record my son owns a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and has had no problems with it and is considering buying a new one with the new larger engine. He just loves the thing!

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Why would some Union associated son of a Union hack "buy American"?

That's what you Union morons have been telling us for years.

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And Honda & Toyota didn't come crawling to the American Taxpayers to bail out their butts.

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